It's Not Rocket Science...Oh Wait Yes It Is. H178 DM
Just outside of the sleepy town of Three Oaks, MIchigan we flew rockets on 4/27-28/13 and usually I fly at least one of them with a camera on board so this was it. I decorated the rocket in a blue/white roll pattern on top and some blue striping on bottom with lot's of NASA stickers. This is a HyperLOC 300 kit that is built *mostly* stock with a few mods here and there. Sure it only went to 1500' and dual deploy isn't really needed but it's kind of fun flying all those electronic gizmos. Before anyone says anything about it, yes I know we are not supposed to be flying INTO the clouds. Here's the thing, the flight just prior to mine was thought to have gone about 2000' (we saw that entire flight) and mine simmed out to around 1500' so I thought I was good to go - WRONG! With the low ceiling that day we were very careful not to fly anytime we heard any aircraft. And yes, we had a waiver and yes I did call to process a NOTAM so no planes should be there anyways. This motor is a H178 Dark Matter and it is designed to produce all of those sparks. The sparks are generated by burning specks of titanium. At the end of the video you can hear one of two altimeters beeping out an altitude which was 1500' + change. For some reason the camera did not record the flight all the way to the ground and shut off a few hundred feet up. So here are the specs for the rocket: 3" Diameter 52" Long 54mm Motor mount 5# and 4 oz. PerfectFlight HiAlt45k for primary altimeter (Main charge at 700) Adept22 for backup (main charge at 400) Camera is your generic micro DVR key-fob camera. Background Music is Them Crooked Vultures singing "New Fang" off of their self titied release from DGC records.

 Rocketry Product: PerfectFlite - HiAlt45K {Component}

Author davetherocketguy
Duration 94 seconds

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