Flight Log - 2021-03-27 - Jason Vennard's L3 Fusion (1)

L3 Fusion from Fusion rocketry. All cardboard rocket, double walled, built as per detailed directions plus tip to tip fiberglass over the fins and additional fiberglassing of the inside of couplers.  

Flight Date: 2021-03-27
Rocket Name: L3 Fusion (1)
Flyer's Name: Jason Vennard
Motors: M1297
Expected Altitude: 10,000.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 14.00 mph
Launch Site: Kloudburst 29
Actual Altitude: 5,300.00 Feet

Good boost until rocket came apart around 4000 feet.  Appears in video nosecone/payload section came apart during boost despite venting and shear pins. This has happened before with this kit per the manufacturer.  Nosecone was too loose i believe as well as the payload bay utilizing a coupler into the AV bay that is only 2 inches ling, as per the design.

Would change both things if i ever build one again. Booster was in-good condition except for a broken fin from free falling with no parachute.

1Aerotech M1297W


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