Flight Log - 2021-07-10 - John Kelley's Quasar One Nuclear Fusion
Flight Date: 2021-07-10
Rocket Name: Quasar One Nuclear Fusion
Flyer's Name: John Kelley
Motors: Estes E9-4x2
Expected Altitude: 660.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 7.00 mph
Launch Site: AMA Muncie, Indiana

Used up my last 2 E9-4s. Plugged two of the motor mounts with spent D-12 motors, taking it back to its original two motor setup. Flew great, sieving it’s third in a row launch on multiple E9s. Landed in the cornfield but was recovered. May retire it. Or just put it back in the rotation. 

1Estes E9-4


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