Juno launch aboard Atlas V 551 seen from NASA press site
My view of the Atlas V 551 launching JPL's Juno probe to Jupiter, seen from the NASA Tweetup at the Kennedy Space Center press site. I used a simple Canon Powershot SD1100IS with an Opteka wide-angle lens attachment, which gave me a nice range of view to see most of the first part of ascent, as well as the NASA Tweetup bleachers at right. Actual time of liftoff is at 0:30 and I tilt the camera up at 1:30 to get the rest of the ascent and the shadow of the launch plume. Improved audio version: http://vimeo.com/27469305 (with thanks to Tommy Wingo of http://wing-o.com for the pro sound) Official NASA TV launch video: http://youtu.be/EIyt5EBUlfM
Author brownpau
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