Flight Log - 2022-12-27 - Kelly I's 3003 Estes Alien Invader

Classic Series re-release and painted to face card.

Flight Date: 2022-12-27
Rocket Name: 3003 Estes Alien Invader
Kit Name: Estes - Alien Invader {Kit} (3003) [2010-]
Flyer's Name: Kelly I
Motors: C6-5
Expected Altitude: 350.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas
Actual Altitude: 400.00 Feet

Great straight flight on a 11' chute that was too small, landed hard and popped off a side pod.  Easy fix. 12' next time.

1Estes C6-5


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