Flight Log - 2022-12-27 - Kelly I's 7285 Estes Leo Space Train

Older build done quickly and sloppy

Flight Date: 2022-12-27
Rocket Name: 7285 Estes Leo Space Train
Kit Name: Estes - LEO Space Train (7285)
Flyer's Name: Kelly I
Motors: C6-5
Expected Altitude: 350.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas
Actual Altitude: 150.00 Feet

Crazy flight that banked up and left for about 100' then horizontal for another 200' out over the creek before popping the nose cone and by some miracle drifting back just enough to clear the trees and creek and land in open area.  Broke a side tail fin.  15' parachute was just right.

1Estes C6-5


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