Flight Log - 2022-07-28 - Kelly I's Estes E.A.C. Firecat

Estes E.A.C. Firecat build from Mini-Hojo kit

Flight Date: 2022-07-28
Rocket Name: Estes E.A.C. Firecat
Kit Name: Estes - Firecat {Kit} (821) [1974-1975]
Flyer's Name: Kelly I
Motors: A8-3
Expected Altitude: 100.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 8.00 mph
Launch Site: Brushy Creek Park, Austin Texas
Actual Altitude: 225.00 Feet

Windy day gusting to 15mph, so for first flight tried a "A" motor.  Only went about 200ft but landed without issue on a 12' parachute. Then I dropped the bloody thing and broke a wing off.  So much for second flight.



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