Flight Log - 2021-10-02 - Ken E. Coyote's Mr. Wiggles! (Scratch Build)

Scratch build cup rocket using Monsters University Art cup.  I lost the last one after I sent it away on an E9, but boy was that a great flight!  I've rebuilt, but this one has hair added for extra fun!  I've also built this one to be fairly water-resistant for something of an "SUV" rocket.

Flight Date: 2021-10-02
Rocket Name: Mr. Wiggles! (Scratch Build)
Flyer's Name: Ken E. Coyote
Motors: D12-0
Expected Altitude: 400.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Pine Island NY (Metra Rocket Club)

I now call this one "Mr. Wiggles" because it's a better descriptor and makes for a fun announcement!  Cup wiggled it's way up and had a bounce recovery. Tons of fun, simple and dependable!

1Estes D12-0


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