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Semroc - Launch {Kit} (KN-4)

Diameter:1.3400 inches
Length:16.0000 inches
Skill Level:1
Construction Rating:
Overall Rating:

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This is a kit by Semroc. This was the first time I have assembled a rocket like this. Assembled March 2018.

Kit was dated February 2, 2009


  • 1 Balsa Nose Cone BC-720
  • 1 Balsa Reducer BR-713
  • 1 Body Tube ST-760
  • 1 Body Tube ST-1380
  • 1 Body Tube ST-730E
  • 1 Ring Set CR-KN-4
  • 4 Laser Cut Fins FN-4
  • 1 Engine Hook EH-28
  • 1 Chute Pak CP-12RY
  • 1 Screw Eye SE-12
  • 1 Thrust Ring TR-7
  • 1 Elastic Cord EC-124
  • 1 Kevlar Thread SCK-18
  • 1 Launch Lug LL-122
  • 1 Decal Sheet DKN-4 (2x Roll Pattern, 4x Over Fin Decals, 2x 'Launch Magazine' Decals)


As this was the first time I have assembled this kit a lot of the techniques were new to me. This was a stepping stone on my way to Estes Saturn V.

Instructions were super easy to follow and make me want to assemble any Semroc kit in the future. No fitment issues, shaping of the fins were done easily with 400 grit sandpaper. I used Estes fin guide to install the fins which made it super easy. The fins were papered (new technique to me) and turned out great, would do it again on any other balsa fins in the future.

If you assemble this kit don't worry about the vanes at the motor end. I used wood glue and it was perfect to tack and hold the vanes until they were all installed. I added drops of glue with a toothpick to help strengthen it in the corners of the vanes.

I tried filling the body tube lines which proved difficult. Once filled they were sanded but as the tube lines were so tight not much stuck in there. Once finished I didn't actually mind the lines, they seemed very hard to see in the end. . It reminds you at the end of the day it is a model.



Sanding was done with 250-450 grit sandpaper.

Primer, Florescent Orange gloss and a clear gloss sealer was applied after decal installation.

This was my first time using water slide decals and most were easy to use after soaking in water and dish soap for a minute. The over the fin decals have a small part you need to cut out but can easily be done with a x-acto & straight edge. I was quite happy how easy it seemed even though I was a little scared to undertake the decal process.

No balsa filler was used on balsa reducer and nose cone, but were sanded with progressively finer paper. I think it turned out great and would consider doing that in future models.

Any slips that the perfectionist would notice come down to user skill, I can't fault any of the parts included in this kit.


Construction Score: 5


It has not flown as of March 19 2018.


Recovery is done by parachute. I like the Kevlar cord & elastic combo. It's a welcome change from gluing the elastic recovery line to the inside of the body tube. In this kit they mount it to the engine mount.



This was a great kit, if you have a chance to pick it up go for it!

Overall Rating: 4

Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
2009-04-19Jewel Butler's Semroc Launch MissileB6-4- Second flight attempt very succesfull almost landed in same spot as first flight
2009-04-19Jewel Butler's Semroc Launch MissileB6-4- This rocket took off really fast and straight nice flight
2009-04-19Jewel Butler's Semroc Launch MissileC6-5- this little rocket can go the c engine was great. the chute got a little tangled but everything ...
2009-07-12Chan Stevens's Semroc Launch MissileB6-4-
2009-07-18Dick Stafford's Semroc Launch MissileB6-4- Nice flight.
2009-10-10Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- Nice clean lines for this rocket. Flew very straight with no rotation, very little wind-cocking, ...
2010-02-20Russell Garcia's Semroc Launch MissileC6-3- Nice little rocket. Goes high in a hurry
2010-02-20Russell Garcia's Semroc Launch MissileC6-3- Nice rocket. Flys very nicely.
2010-03-28Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- Arrow straight even in strong wind. Not much weathercocking.
2010-04-03Dick Stafford's Semroc Launch MissileC6-5- High flight, not too bad a walk due to a tangled 'chute.
2010-07-10Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- Very high boost on B6 motor, missed deployment. No damage.
2011-06-11Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- Good flight, at apogee, no damage
2012-04-07Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- At apogee, good flight, no damage
2012-06-16Dick Stafford's Semroc Launch MissileA8-3- Nice flight.
2013-05-19Rob Hoffman's LaunchB6-4- Landed in tree. Recovered.
2013-08-17Dick Stafford's Semroc Launch MissileB6-4- for Carl McLawhorn, RIP
2014-06-14Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- At apogee, overflew the field and landed in gravel parking lot with minimal road rash.
2014-07-29Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileC6-5- Great high flight, chute at apogee, easy recovery, no damage.
2016-04-16Dick Stafford's Semroc Launch MissileA8-3-
2016-07-09Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- No rotation, great boost, chute at apogee, picture perfect landing in a soccer net. GOOOO ...
2017-08-02Edward Chess's Semroc - Launch MissileB6-4- Perfect flight, no rotation, wadding did not eject--needs to be made smaller.

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