Arabic/Nat Israel has claimed its latest rocket offensive against the Hezbollah in Beirut, wounding 12 Syrian soldiers, was accidental. Syria has been dragged into the escalating violence between Israel and the Hezbollah after an Israeli gunship opened fire on a Syrian military outpost. The attack comes at the end of a day of offensives and counterattacks from both sides, it is not yet clear how Syria will respond to this act of violence. Israel's latest offensive, a rocket attack on the slums of Beirut has unleashed fury in Damascus. The helicopter missile launch on the slums of Beirut, left 12 Syrian soldiers injured after a gunship fired on a Syrian military outpost. Israel has claimed the attack was inadvertent and that it did not intend to bring Syria into the fighting. Witnesses claim the army outpost was hit six times by Israeli helicopter missiles during a raid on the slums of Beirut aimed at wrecking the nerve centre of the Hezbollah. The air raid is the second on the Lebanese capital in two days. It has provoked outrage amongst supporters of Hezbollah. SOUNDBITE: (In Arabic) "The Israeli Government with a green light form the American Government is executing the statement of the recent Summit of Sharm-el-Sheik, this is a complete military and political co-ordination. There was a co-ordination between Turkey and Israel, and they are main enemy for the Arab. We are completely with the attacks that took place in the Palestinian settlement and we know very well that Israel opened the whole war front." SUPER CAPTION: Sayed Hussein Fadllallah, Spiritual Leader of Hezbollah The streets were crowded as evacuees responding to the bombing raids and earlier threats to leave their homes fled to Beirut. The Israelis had issued an ultimatum to inhabitants of up to 40 villages and towns in South Lebanon to leave their homes before 2.30pm (1130 GMT) Friday. Roads became packed as frightened families stowed all they had into the nearest vehicle and left their homes for the safety of the Lebanese capital. One of the villages to come under attack was Nabatiyeh, in the hills of South Lebanon. It was shelled early Friday, many of the buildings were still smoking this afternoon and there were few structures left undamaged. These villagers joined the mass exodus finding some safety in distancing themselves from the border with Israel. The roads of Beirut were crowded by the middle of the day, full with evacuees looking for refuge in the country's capital. One of the victims of the Israelis' Thursday air attack on the city was buried today amidst anguish and grief from family and friends. Members of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah also attended the burial of the 16 year old girl who was killed during the first attack on Beirut. Despite the deaths and injuries there appears to be little chance of breaking the deadlock between Israel and the Hezbollah. For those who live either side of the border waiting and hoping for peace is all they can do. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7b90cdca798698765f70c1508f019d5a Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork

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