Level2 High Power Rocket Certification Flight, May 21st, 2016 -TCC Dairy Aire Launch Event
This video captures the maiden and L2 certification flight of my new High Power Model Rocket. It was build from an Apogee/Madcow kit called the "Level-2'. I used an AeroPack 54mm to 38mm adapter to fly an AeroTech J350W-13 motor. It was a bit windy this afternoon, blow around 15 mph, but the 11.5 pound rocket had no trouble coming off the pad. It reached approximately 2000' Ft AGL at apogee. It is equipped with dual redundant altimeters with dual redundant charge wells. Both the 18" Drogue and the 70" Main Parachutes were deployed with the primary altimeter, a StratologgerCF. The backup altimeter, an Eggtimer Quantum, also fired it's charges perfectly as can be seen in the video. At apogee, the three puffs of smoke are from the StratologgerCF drogue chare, the Eggtimer Quantum Drogue Charge and finally the motor ejection charge. At 700' the Stratologger deployed the main parachute followed by a second backup charge from the Eggtimer Quantum at 600'. The Top Flight PAR-70 main parachute brought the rocket components down nice and slow.

 Rocketry Product: PerfectFlite - Stratologger {Component} (SL100)

 Rocketry Product: Eggtimer Rocketry - Eggtimer Quantum

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - J350W Reload for RMS 38/720 {Motor}

 Rocketry Club: AERO-PAC

Author 2101Striper
Duration 82 seconds

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