Little Joe-II 1/45 model crash
video taken by Gary Aslakson. Estes Little Joe-II on E15 motor. The Launch Lugs snapped off at liftoff, causing the model to pitch badly. If you build the model, the Corrugated body is ABS, so use a glue that bonds ABS and styrene. Testor’s Tube glue is NOT good for this. I had already had the lugs break off, used a glue that did bond ABS to styrene, but it seems the glue did not bond to the remains of the Testor’s glue that had been on the lugs. For more info, see the thread on The Rocketry Forum: Message #111 on page 4 first brings up the problem, and I ran into it on message #118 while trying to take photos. The crash info begins on page 6, message #158.

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Little Joe I {Kit} (7255) [2018-]

Author george gassaway
Duration 19 seconds

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