Public Missiles - Little Lunar Express Kit

Diameter: 3.90 inches
Length: 35.00 inches
Manufacturer: Public Missiles
Motor Size: 38 millimeters
Power: High-Power, Mid-Power
Product Type: Kit
Recovery: Parachute
Status: In-Production
Style: Futuristic/Exotic
Weight: 58.00 ounces
  • Public Missiles Little Lunar Express By Gary Sinclair

    PML's Little Lunar Express is a well known HPR kit which has a 50's SciFi look. Recovery is via parachute which is ejected from the airframe using a PML piston. This kit comes with the following components: (1) 4" OD Ogive nosecone (a good one too) which has NO bottom (i.e. the bottom of the shoulder is missing allowing access to the inside of the nosecone). (1) 4" OD , 5.5" long ...

  • Public Missiles Little Lunar Express By Bob Morstadt

    Brief The Lunar Express Jr. is a model based on the 1950s Sci-Fi concept of a single stage rocket that could go to the moon and back. The model is capable of taking a 38mm motor, but has an adapter to accommodate a 29mm motor. Construction The kit has high quality like all the PML kits and the completed rocket is capable of taking a beating without damage. There are some tricky steps in the ...


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