LV2.3 July 2011 Launch Attempt - High Speed

July 31st 2011 we headed to central Oregon to launch our rocket with the same roll control as the previous launch, but this time with much of the full flight computer we have been planning for years in in place and running. This included the PowerPC flight computer, a Hemisphere Crescent GPS receiver board, and our new 2.4 GHz Amateur TV broadcast system with overlay. Unfortunately the rocket motor failed on ignition, ejecting the fuel (unburnt) from the motor casing. The force of the depressurization lifted the rocket off of the launch rails, to about 30-40 feet into the air. Although the drogue parachute did eject, the rocket came down fairly hard and suffered minor damage to the fin canister and aeroshell. Filmed with a Casio EXILIM EX-FH20 in 600fps mode

Author PSASRockets
Duration 103 seconds
Rating Best

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