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Mark Wise L1 Cert Attempt ICBM Launch

Mark Wise attempts to certify Level 1 at Naram. A little background is needed for this video to make sense. We use all kinds of adhesives (glue) to build our rockets. two of the most common are CA or Cyanoacrolate (good quality super glue basically) and two pat epoxies. CA is convenient and fast (and light) but it has one problem that is critical here. its BRITTLE. for smaller models the strength of the glue far exceeds the strength of the rest of the rocket. But in larger models such as APCP powered composite rocket the "bang" of the motor igniting can "shock" the rocket to such an extent that BRITTLE components such as CA will simply crack. That is exactly what happened here. What your seeing is the motor mount "breaking free" from the ignition stress and proceeding to power its way right on through the rocket ICBM style :-) I used a Casio EX-F1 at 600fps to capture this. To give you a glimpse of just how fast this is later in the video you can see the spinning. (its unstable so it turns end for end) NOTE the nose cone falling on the left. its falling at 32 feet per second per second (1g) DROP something to the ground. its falling that fast. Gives you some idea as to just how "FAST" that motor is twirling around. it sounded like a Bzzzzzzzzzz to us :-) He did repair the rocket (very little damage) using EPOXY this time and successfully got his level 1 certification. Yes there is another copy of this video on youtube both are mine (both accounts too) I tried making a new account for each naram but that ended up being a royal pain in the butt.

Author Nerys
Duration 44 seconds

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