Flight Log - 2018-10-28 - Matthew Bond's 2.70x Upscale Wolverine

An upscale of the classic Estes Wolverine based on standard LOC 2.63" tubing.  Rocket has a 29mm motor mount with an AeroPac retainer.  Fins are made from 1/8" plywood, with the main fins being TTW to the motor mount.  Nose cone was constructed from an ogive balsa cone with the distinctive canopy carved from a separate balsa block.  Recovery system uses a 1/8" flat woven Kevlar shock cord epoxied to the motor mount and tied to a large screw eye in the nose cone shoulder.  Either a 24" or 30" spherachute is used based on the field conditions.  Rocket is finished in a silver metallic paint with the usual outstanding vinyl decals provided by StickerShock.

Flight Date: 2018-10-28
Rocket Name: 2.70x Upscale Wolverine
Kit Name: Estes - Wolverine {Kit} (816) [1973-1979]
Flyer's Name: Matthew Bond
Motors: G64-7
Expected Altitude: 1,790.00 Feet
Wind Speed: 5.00 mph
Launch Site: Bama Blastoff 2018

After 3 less than perfect flights in a row I was starting to get a little worried.  Not enough to stop flying of course so...  Nice straight boost off the launch rod, arcing over a little bit near the top of the climb but still nose up at ejection.  Good separation and descent with the Jolly Logic Chute Release.  Unfortunately it stayed in that configuration all the way to the ground.  The rocket landed flat and sustained no damage.  The parachute was still perfectly folded/wrapped and held by the chute release.... which of course had NOT been turned on prior to launch.  This is so far my only failure mode with the chute release, otherwise I've had excellent results with it.

1Aerotech G64-7


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