Maxi Orbital Transport-NEFAR-Onboard Video & Gauges
Just AWESOME! Follow a Scaled up Maxi Orbital Transport rocket with glider launched powered by a K650 from take-off to both rocket and glider landing! Make sure to tap the gear icon and set the resolution to HD for best viewing. Maxi Orbital Transport K650-Pink Steve Pollak 2016-06-13 Apogee: 1791 feet AGL Speed: ~380 MPH Ground Video: Jimmy Yawn Mic: Greg Lukach Audio Snippet: Wernher Von Braun MAN IN SPACE Walt Disney TV production March 9, 1955 Onboard Video: Nexus 5x using Insane Rockets App Originally Captured at 4K Renderer: Open Shot Gauges Added by: DashWare RAW Onboard Rocket Video: Ground Video by Jimmy Yawn: Video rendered and assembled by me.

 Rocketry Club: Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry

Author Jason Cook
Duration 197 seconds

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