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Micro Orange Machine, Estes Lynx, Nike-x, Vortico, Flutter-by, MHJ, Twin Factor, XAM, and Red Nova

The trade winds are dying down this week so shot the four new rockets I've built. Friday should be favorable and plan to launch the new C5-3 engines I obtained. Another change was the new launch rods I obtained. I bought a 36" long 1/8" rod and 48" long 3/16" rod at Home Depot and managed to bend them relatively straight. Overall, they didn't appear to be whippy in the video. Started with the Micro Orange Machine that replaced the green rocket we lost last time. I also have the 1/2A3-2T engine but won't try the A3-4T again. Next was the Lynx which worked amazingly on the A3-4T so will try the A10 next time. I created a Nike-x clone. It has a conical cone that I'm not happy with so will replace with one from Balsa Manufacturing. The Vortico, Twin Factor, and Flutter-by were great. An audience was very impressed with the Flutter-by with the B6-4. The Mini Honest John had a wobble off the rod but didn't look like the rod was whipping so not sure what happened. In the video, it doesn't look like the Vortico is spinning but it is. The new Apogee XAM worked so well with the B4-4 adapter that I reshot it with C11-3 in the evening winds. The home made baffle also worked great, better than wadding. Unfortunately, my iPhone battery died and my son's phone camera is not high quality. Afterwards, I realized I shoulda used the altimeter. The last rocket was the Red Nova with the B6-4 adapter. I made sure the parachute was loose before the launch but still got hung up and did a hard landing. After several launches, the rocket needs an overhaul to fix the two broken fins and redo the recovery system. Timeline: 00:00 Intro 00:05 Micro Orange Machine 01:08 Lynx 01:46 Nike-x 02:44 Vortico 03:45 Flutter-by 04:58 Mini Honest John 05:32 Twin Factor 06:28 XAM B4-4 07:05 XAM C11-3 08:05 Red Nova

 Rocketry Product: Estes - B6 Single-Use Motor {Motor}

 Rocketry Product: Estes - Flutter-By {Kit} (003013)

Author Ron K
Duration 08:47

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