Flight Log - 2012-04-07 - Greg Kurlinski's Mini-BBX w/ CPR3K w/ Terrier Booster
Flight Date: 2012-04-07
Rocket Name: Mini-BBX w/ CPR3K w/ Terrier Booster
Kit Name: Public Missiles - Mini Black Brant X (BBX) {Kit}
Flyer's Name: Greg Kurlinski
Motors: H123/G79
Launch Site: Snow Ranch
Actual Altitude: 900.00 Feet

Power of lower stage was too low, going to need to step it up for any furture 2 stage flights.  The top stage did not light either (seems to have been an ignighter problem). 

The rocket did get high enough to arm the ejection charges, so everything did come down on 'chute. but they fouled since everything was still connected.  The hard landing caused a crack on the top section just under the nosecone.  I will repair it with a fiberglass wrap and be ready for next month (weather permiting).

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