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Estes - Mosquito {Kit} (0801, TK-1) [1971-2011]


Center Of Pressure: 1.7300 inches from front (Rocksim/Rocksim)
Diameter: 0.5410 inches
Fin Material: Balsa
Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 0801, TK-1
Power: Low-Power
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 1971-2011
Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-4T, 1/4A3-2T, 1/4A3-4T, A10-3T, A3-6T
Recovery: Featherweight/Tumble
Skill Level: 1
Status: Out-Of-Production
Style: Sport
Tags: Family:Estes:Mosquito


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Recommended Motors: 1/2A3-4T, 1/4A3-2T, 1/4A3-4T, A10-3T, A3-6T

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Flight Log

DateRocket NameMotor(s)AltitudeNotes
1992-07-18Moe Bertrand's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-2- At least I got it back!
1992-08-29Moe Bertrand's Estes MosquitoA3-2- Recovered this little Mini-Brute.
1996-09-29Tony Fragge's Estes MosquitoA10-3-
1998-02-15David Fergus's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- LOST SIGHT, FOUND DOWNRANGE ABOUT 300 FT AWAY
1998-08-01MikeyR's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Bit further away. Nice flight.
1998-10-10David Fergus's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- lost sight, saw the engine falling, found down range about 350 ft away.
1999-08-28David Fergus's Estes MosquitoMMX- Flew about 15 ft in the air, accomplished by wrapping tape around the MM motor and friction ...
1999-09-16Paul Smith's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- And one last identical flight. Again, engine not recovered.
1999-09-19Paul Smith's Estes MosquitoMMX- Flew from a launch rod stuck in an expansion crack in the driveway concrete. Flew over the house, ...
1999-11-28Mark Patoka's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Initial flight, blew off the nose cone. Recovered both pieces near pad. Duct taped nose back on. ...
1999-11-28Mark Patoka's Estes MosquitoA10-3- This rockets second flight. Didn't see it after ejection smoke. Found ejected motor 100' from pad ...
2000-02-20Mark Patoka's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Motor ejected and rocket tumbled straight down near pad. No damage.
2000-05-28MikeyR's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Zipped up! Nice flight. Nice way to end.
2000-10-11David Logan's Estes MosquitoA10-3- It lit, vanished, and reapeared on the ground. I thought I'd lose it, guess I had better put it on ...
2000-10-29Brandon Mickel's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- landed 50 feet from pad - no damage - recovered on its side
2000-11-12Gregg Yedwab's Estes MosquitoA3-4- Read all the flight logs before sending the bird off. Up she went. Saw the puff of smoke from the ...
2000-11-19Gregg Yedwab's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-2- Based on previous experience, built second Mosquito with a very small fishing weight glued in nose ...
2001-04-08MikeyR's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Zipped up. Found no problem.
2001-04-14Tony Fragge's Estes MosquitoA10-3- Thing flew outta sight but we found it!
2001-05-14Charlie Kazmir's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Flew in an ark never to be seen again.I will buy more in the future.
2001-06-10Jennifer Kirkland's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3-
2001-07-08David Fergus's Estes MosquitoMMX- ejection charge actually accelerates rocket to faster than flight speed
2001-09-16Tony Fragge's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Looked good until I lost sight of it. I heard the pop of the ejection and tried to hear where it ...
2001-10-20Mark Patoka's Estes MosquitoA10-3- Landed not far from launch pad and able to find in grass.
2002-03-08Casey Smith's Estes Mosquito2xA10-3- Saddled it up with a A10-0 on the bottom to the A10-3 on top. It went I heard it stage, d ...
2002-05-05Ron McFerren's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- First launch for my 3-year-old daughter's first rocket. Had 50 people (C.R.A.S.H. club launch) ...
2002-06-07MikeyR's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-4- Nice and high. Found it.
2003-03-16Morgan Lee's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Second flight. Saw puff of smoke at ejection. Saw motor tumble all the way to the ground, but the ...
2003-06-02Bill Bill's Estes MosquitoA3-3- Was really on a A3-4 engine, but the delay was a second short, and it didn't affect the flight of ...
2003-07-01Matt Vennard's Estes MosquitoA10-3- Note to self: don't launch itty bitty rockets into the sun at noon.
2003-10-11Dick Stafford's Estes MosquitoA10-3- lost but later found...
2003-10-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Almost lost this baby (our second 'skeeto) but after searching and giving up, another rocketeer ...
2003-12-19Pin Missle's Estes MosquitoA8-0- flew straight up and exploded completly, coming down in at least 10 smoking trails. found part of ...
2004-03-20Mike Atwood's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-3- Nice day to fly. Tracking powder worked well. Impact with ground broke two fins off the body tube
2004-04-01Saunassa's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Good flight - very straight but after motor ejection could not find even being flourescent.
2004-04-19Eric Maher's Estes MosquitoA10-3- Lost rocket in gray sky. Heard ejection charge, but could not find rocket.
2004-06-20Paul Pearon's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Perfect launch; right into sun. Spotted just before ejection @ ~300 ft. Followed it down but lost ...
2006-05-27Chan Stevens's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3-
2006-07-29Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Someone either here or on Rocketry Forum suggested taping mylar streamers to the fins to avoid ...
2006-11-18Bob Harrington's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Rocket landed within 3 ft of launch pad. No one saw it until it was on the ground.
2006-11-25Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3-
2006-12-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Again flying with small mylar streamers taped to the fins, nice low flight and quite a jolt when ...
2007-03-31Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Late ejection sent it straight down, easily recovered.
2007-06-15Matt Gillard's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- on the pad, and some time later i found it 40meters from the pad - did not see much inbetween.
2007-06-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- A crowd pleasing flight. Those mylar streamers taped to the tail really make it something special!
2007-07-28Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- After motor kicked, it landed right next to us.
2007-07-28Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- A little corkscrew to this flight and saw a flash at ejection.
2007-07-31Matt Gillard's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- lost to the gods
2007-09-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Went into unstable corkscrew pattern near apogee then shot straight down at ejection, motor landed ...
2008-05-05Natalie Orosco's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Another great flight.
2008-05-05Natalie Orosco's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Great flight landed about 25 feet from the pad.
2008-05-05Jason Orosco's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Nice flight, Easy to find painted Glow Orange.
2008-06-01Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Landed about 20 ft from pad.
2008-06-28Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Arcing flight, ejection shot the skeeter sideways and landed about 40 ft from the pad. A crowd ...
2008-08-23Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Lost sight of it in the sun but recovered
2008-10-26Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Ejection shot the rocket straight down
2008-10-26Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- 2nd flight today for the skeeter was almost identical to the first, straight shot down at ejection
2009-02-15David Braatz's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Left the pad like a bullet. We launched it at dusk so when the ejection charge blew, it looked ...
2009-02-28David Sindel's Estes Mosquito1/8A-1- Night launch in my yard. Lost but later found mostly undamaged.
2009-03-15David Sindel's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-4- Hard to see and find.
2009-03-16Mark Grisco's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- 1/4 a is enough.
2009-05-30Jeff Lane's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-2- Phat-Mo. I inadvertently ;-) put too much paint on, but it was judged too heavy for competition. ...
2009-05-31 Jason Orosco's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Nice flight.
2009-06-20David Sindel's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- The poor little guy got hurt bad on the landing of a drag race, but it has been repaired and will ...
2009-07-11 Moe Bertrand's Estes Mosquito1/2A3-2- First flight of this little bugger since 1992. Quick boost off the pad - missed the liftoff shot. ...
2010-03-20Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Spectator mentioned this sounds like a bottle rocket when the motor kicks! Landed fairly close to ...
2010-03-21Matt Gillard's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Even on a 1/4A it shifts, saw an ejection puff of smoke, and then the recovery team found it 5 ...
2010-10-23Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Nominal flight
2010-10-23Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Despite having flown it earlier in the launch my son wanted to fly it again today, so up it went ...
2011-07-23Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Recoved rocket and motor pretty close together
2011-08-20Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Ejected just after apogee with NC turned sideways, shot back down to earth at an angle
2011-10-08Jason Orosco's Estes Mosquito1/2 A3-4T- Too many people showing up today only to flights.
2011-12-17John Bergsmith's Mega MosquitoD12-4- Great flight
2012-02-26John Bergsmith's Mega MosquitoEstes E9-4-
2012-05-26Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Entertaining as always, ejection after apogee with nose down "popped" the rocket straight down for ...
2012-06-06 Bob Francis's Mega MosquitoD12-5397 feet Time: 7:39 pm. Temperature: 72 degrees. Weather: Sunny, clear. Wind blowing from the east at 5 ...
2012-06-16Dick Stafford's Estes Mosquito1/8A-1- I entered the open spot landing and was 2nd at the time of landing. w00t!
2012-06-30Rich DeAngelis's Mosquito1/2A3-2- Time for a little fun. Brought out the tiny Mosquito and loaded it up with a ¼A3-2T ...
2012-06-30 Bob Francis's Mosquito1/2A3-4- Time: 2:28 pm. Temperature: 100 degrees. Wind: 5 - 10 mph gusts from the west. Weather: Clear and ...
2012-07-25 Bob Francis's Mega MosquitoD12-5380 feet Time: 7:45 pm. Temperature: 90.5. Wind: 6 mph from 200 degrees. Weather: Sunny with scattered ...
2012-09-23 Bob Francis's Mega MosquitoE9-6- Time: 8:00 pm. Temperature: 42 degrees. Humidity: 43%. Wind: Calm. Weather: Clear, nightfall. ...
2013-06-29Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- A quick up and down for the Mosquito, nosed darted into the wet ground
2013-07-27Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Nice shot up and then ejection nose cone down popped it right back to the ground
2013-08-10Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Good boost and short walk to recover
2013-10-26 John Bergsmith's Mega MosquitoEstes E12-4- Great motor choice for this rocket.
2014-06-21 Richard Holmes's Mosquito1/4A3-3- Tape thrust ring around the back end, Kevlar lariat looped around that, half a square of wadding ...
2014-06-22Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Nice arc then at ejection "popped" straight down
2014-07-12Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- The kids loved this one as always, especially when the motor pops out and sends the rocket ...
2014-08-30Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3-
2014-11-07 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t125 feet Fast off the pad, fairly easy to track - until ejection. The inset picture shows how the model ...
2014-12-20John Bergsmith's Mega MosquitoEstes E9-4- Nice flight.
2015-02-12 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t175' est. feet With the clear skies I was able to follow the entire flight. At ejection I thought I was following ...
2015-04-18Dick Stafford's Estes MosquitoMicroMaxx II-
2015-04-18Dick Stafford's Estes MosquitoMicroMaxx II-
2015-04-19 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t250' est. feet I lost sight of it at ejection and waited, listening for the small "thud" when it hit the soft ...
2015-06-13Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Thought my luck had finally run out on this one, launched straight into the sunlight and I ...
2015-10-24 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t275' est. feet After five minutes of searching, I found it 50' from the launcher tripod, nose first buried in the ...
2016-08-27Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Lost sight of it briefly but got it coming down, recovered
2016-10-15Rob Hoffman's Mosquito1/4A3-3- Shotgun ejection meant everyone followed the motor down, not the Mosquito. Fortunately some kids ...
2016-11-19Richard Holmes's Mosquito1/4A3-3- The Mosquito, which I’ve never had the nerve to fly again after its first teleportation, ...
2017-06-16 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Mosquito1/4A3-3250 feet Saw the whole flight and recovery. Helped that I modified the Mozzy with Kevlar and nose blow.
2017-06-26 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t200 feet Featherweight or tumble recovery my foot! It nose in.
2017-07-22Glenn Weiss's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3- Saw the ejection but didn't see where it landed, searched a long time and finally found it just as ...
2017-11-09 Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Estes Mosquito1/4A3-3t250 feet Today was the sixth and last launch of my Estes MOSQUITO with a 1/4A3-3t engine. I saw it on the ...
2017-12-14 Bill Eichelberger's Estes - Mosquito1/2A3-4300 feet Dead straight flight and I saw the whole thing. Came in hot on recovery and disappeared for a few ...

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