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Chris Pearson and Matt Steele formed North Coast Rocketry (NCR) in the mid-1980s to market a line of high-power rocket kits and other rocketry products.  The company added Dan Kafun as a partner in 1989.

In addition to kits, NCR sold Aerotech and Vulcan rocket motors. NCR also sold a selection of single-use motors under their own "North Coasters" brand. These motors were manufactured for NCR by Aerotech. Later NCR developed their own potassium perchlorate based composite motors.

In the mid-1990s, Estes purchased NCR. Estes used the North Coast Rocketry brand to market a line of mid-power rocket kits, accessories, and motors.  At this time, NCR began producing a series of APCP rocket motors under the name "DarkStar." These motors were slightly smaller than the industry-standard 29mm motors and were the first hobby motors to include a thrust ring molded into the single-use motor's casing. 

Estes phased out the NCR line of products in 2000. 

At the National Association of Rocketry's Annual Meet (NARAM-53) in Cincinnati, Ohio, in July 2011, Matt Steele announced that he had retained the rights to the North Coast Rocketry name and to other intellectual property of NCR and that he planned to restart the company. Later, he announced that Apogee Components would be the exclusive retailer of the new NCR products.




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