Flight Log - 2020-09-06 - Ty Bliss's Nova

Nova is an "Almost Ready to Fly" kit that I bought primarily to fly as a two-stage rocket using the Estes B-55 booster.

This rocket flies great and the booster stage has ignited the sustainer every time. 

In medium-size or larger fields I use a C11-0/B6-6 combination.

At upcoming Club meets I plan to try a D12-0/C6-7 combination and see what happens!

Flight Date: 2020-09-06
Rocket Name: Nova
Kit Name: Estes - Nova {Kit} (2497)
Flyer's Name: Ty Bliss
Motors: D12-0/C5-5
Launch Site: Blue Mountain Foothills - Primary Wheat Field
Actual Altitude: 1,150.00 Feet

Fantastic D-powered boost. Second stage was awesome fast! Booster recovered within 25' of launch pad. Second stage drifted 200+ yards down wind!

1Estes D12-0
2Estes C5-5


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