NSWRA Rocket Launch - August 2008

Last August I took a friend, Rob Wolven, to one of my club's rocket launches. He'd built a couple of rockets of his own beforehand, a Quark and a Liquidator, both Estes, and managed to get in a few good launches, although the rockets didn't fare too well - we lost the Quark on the first flight and the parachute on the Liquidator's nose/payload comparment broke free on the second flight, smashing the compartment on impact. My own birds put in a few good flights too, including the Lightning, the NOVA, the Apollo and the maiden flights of both the Superbird and Split-Wing Glider. With the exception of a melted chute on the Lighting, all my old models performed supurbly. The Superbird flew well, but I think it lost a chute at some point, and the glider...well you'll see it in the video. Not a pretty flight. I'd actually forgotten about this footage until Rob reminded me that I hadn't put it online yet, so I snapped this compilation together. Hopefully I can figure out how to work the annotations.

 Rocketry Club: NSW Rocketry Association

Author RayLiehm
Duration 05:15
Rating Best

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