Flight Log - 2022-05-07 - Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Odd'l Rockets High Roller

Made almost entirely from 4" long toilet paper core rolls. Sort of a budget FlidKits Acme Spitfire.

Fins are also T.P. tubes.

Only standard Model Rocket parts are the interior BT-20H tube, parachute and launch lug.

Flight Date: 2022-05-07
Rocket Name: Odd'l Rockets High Roller
Flyer's Name: Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Motors: Estes C6-5
Launch Site: Orlando R.O.C.K.
Actual Altitude: 450.00 Feet

At ejection the elastic shock cord broke! The nose cone and chute floated away, the main body landed without a dent.

1Apogee C6-5


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