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OROC Fillible's Folly High Power Rocket Launch 9-16-16

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend flying with Oregon Rocketry at their Fillible's Folly launch in Sheridan, OR. I was only able to be there on Friday and Saturday but I had a great time flying and hanging out with the club. I came home after the event with all of my rockets intact, some swag from the vendor booth, a huge smile on my face, and a new membership in the OROC club. I decided not to label all the flights in this video, as there were too many where I didn't get the name of the owner or rocket, or what motor it was flying on. So sit back and enjoy without all that reading. Lots of good and great flights, and a few in there that didn't exactly go to plan. See you next time at Oregon Rocketry!

 Rocketry Club: Oregon Rocketry

Author flyfalcons
Duration 10:14

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