Photobook | How I made a photo book for my son in 5 minutes
Photobook | Stephanie, a real Shutterfly customer, shows you how she made a photo book of her son's first year of life in 5 minutes - it's just so simple. Shutterfly's revolutionary new Simple Path makes it easy to create a photo book in just a few minutes. Pick a size, upload your photos and Simple Path will instantly make a photo book for you. It's ready to order or you can quickly change styles, edit photos, add captions. Create personalized baby photo albums, wedding photo albums, travel photo albums and more. Transcript: "Hi my name is Stephanie and I've been making photobooks for a couple of years. Well I love taking pictures, especially of my, my little boy as well as just events throughout our life. I decided to make my first photobook capturing my son's first couple of years of life. I found it a lot of fun putting it together.Receiving the final product I loved it. It's a great way to reflect as well as sit down with him and show him his pictures. One of the reasons why I made this photobook is to give it to him when he is older. He will have this book to look at his memories and he'll have it forever. I was very happy with the Simple Path, um, photobook, the way it laid out for me. It was such an easy way for me to just load the pictures, have the layout already done for me, and viola. It literally took me five minutes to just change the pictures that I wanted to change and move around and it was done. There was great layouts that I could take advantage of and all I really need to do is just put captions here and there and It's just going to save me so much time and anxiety. With Simple Path I can now make photobooks for events throughout the year not just a summary of the whole year. Uh, specifically if we go on a vacation, go to the zoo, go to the park, I can easily create a photobook that captures that event. I've used the Simple Path to make the second year book and I will continue to use the simple path to create his third year, fourth year, and so on. It's a simple tool, feature, easy for me to use, and takes very little time."
Author Shutterfly
Duration 112 seconds

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