Custom Rockets - Galileo Probe Kit

Manufacturer: Custom Rockets
Product Type: Kit
  • Custom Rockets - Galileo Probe {Kit} By Chris Gonnerman (August 16, 2007)

    Brief: The Custom Galileo is a cute little helicopter recovery rocket. Mine was an Father's Day gift from my wife. This is a skill level 2 rocket. Construction: The kit contains standard BT-20 tube and ogive balsa cone, three small balsa fins, dowels, paper centering ring and transition, and nice waterslide decals. The instruction sheet was clear, logical, and easy to read. ...

  • Custom Rockets - Galileo Probe {Kit} By Lance Souther (March 8, 2007)

    Single stage futuristic rocket. This rocket comes with one short body tube that is just slightly longer than an 18mm engine. It primarily uses 1/8" diameter wooden dowels for fins. I say this due to the fact that you use small balsa pieces for the dowels to lay down on. They would be to small to act as fins however. The rocket comes with a balsa nose cone. This is a fairly easy build. ...

  • Custom Rockets - Galileo Probe {Kit} By Ben Bentley

    Brief The Custom Galileo Probe is a small scale-looking rocket. It uses the 18mm 1/2A engines and is a great flier. It comes down on its nose cone unharmed every time. It is a cool looking and fun rocket. Construction The kit is a pretty simple one, packaged in a bag with all the pieces intact. It comes with a small length of BT-20, 3 balsa fins and dowels, a paper shroud pattern, a balsa ...

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