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Manufacturer: Public Enemy
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  • Public Enemy Performer By Aaron Stanley

    Brief: This is your basic high power rocket. It would be great for L1 or L2 certification attempts. It came with a 36 inch body tube and an 18 inch payload bay, the fins are 1/8" Baltic birch, the centering rings are fiberboard but once you have a layer of 15 minute epoxy on there good and strong, the motor tube was a 38mm and the parachute is an orange 36 inch parachute. The way the ...

  • Public Enemy Performer By Bert Garrison

    ( Contributed - by Bert Garrison)  I am quite fortunate to live in the High Desert of California.  Only 90 miles from the Lucerne dry lake, home of ROC , Rocketry Organization of California. While at one of my first group launches I met Roy Weid of Public Enemy Rockets .  He always shows up with his trailer of bargain priced rocket kits.  I picked up the 3" ...

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