Tango Papa - 1.6x Mars Lander Kit

Diameter: 6.00 inches
Manufacturer: Tango Papa
Product Type: Kit
Tags: Family:Estes:Mars Lander
  • Tango Papa 1.6x Mars Lander By Mike Caplinger (February 4, 2015)

    The Estes Mars Lander, designed by Wayne Kellner, was released in 1969.  I remember getting the kit for Christmas in the early 70s and assembling it over the course of a year or more; it was easily the most complex build I had ever attempted.  I think mine flew once on a B6-2, and as I recall it got about 50 feet up and barely managed to deploy the chute. Tom Prestia of Tango ...

  • Tango Papa 1.6x Mars Lander By Kevin Trojanowski

    Tango Papa's 1.6x Mars Lander is a nice upscale of the vintage Estes Kit that fetches ungodly amounts of money in an auction. If you have the same fond memories of the Estes kit from your childhood that I do, then you need to look at this kit. The kit comes standard with a 29mm motor mount, and parachutes are optional. I believe the standard parachutes come from Top Flight , but I'm not certain. ...

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