Estes - Chrome Domes Silver Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 2180
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2003-
  • Estes - Chrome Domes Silver {Kit} (2180) [2003-] By Greg Deeter

    Brief: This is an Estes E2X model rocket that is currently in production and available at retail stores. Construction: This one is the red version with the gold plate fin can, nose cone and decals. This appears to be a revision of the original kit previously reviewed on EMRR as it came with a 2 piece fin can, and with the launch lug already attached to the body tube and shock ...

  • Estes - Chrome Domes Silver {Kit} (2180) [2003-] By Chan Stevens

      Eye-catching metallic finish and glitter body tubes make these very attractive rockets, and good values as well. Modifications: Beefed up shock cord. These are your basic E2X series, though they're getting much easier to build. The fin cans are single piece, and even the launch lug is pre-molded to fit right into the tube. What really impressed me about these components, though, ...

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