Estes - Nova Payloader Kit

Manufacturer: Estes
Model: 1960
Product Type: Kit
Production Years: 2001-2004
  • Estes Nova Payloader By Jon Revelle

    Brief: Single staged 3FNC Payload rocket with nice fin design. This kit has been recently discontinued by Estes. The Nova Payloader was originally introduced in 1986 as a Skill Level 2 (and in my opinion, it should stay a Skill Level 2 because of the fins). It was then discontinued the first time, 10 years later at the end of 1996. It remained absent for a few years until sometime ...

  • Estes Nova Payloader By Jon Revelle

    Brief: A great level 1 3FNC with a clear payload tube & a rather aggressive looking fin design. It can be quickly assembled & finished in only a couple of days. It is also very easy to get it to look just like the picture on the packaging. Construction: I picked this rocket up at a local crafts store. Regular price was ~$15 which seemed awfully high for a rocket with ...

  • Estes Nova Payloader By Doyle Tatum

    Notes: I built this model for club contest and left it unpainted (I used magic markers instead) for that reason. I followed the instructions except for the following comments and suggestions: Step 1. Added Kevlar Cord to engine mount, that reaches to the top of the body tube. Step 2. No Change. Step 3. Used five-minute epoxy to connect fin pieces. When dry, I filled cracks with ...

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