BPS.space - Signal Component

Designer: Joe Barnard
Manufacturer: BPS.space
Model: R2
Product Type: Component
Production Years: 2018-
Status: In-Production
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Falcon Heavy Model - Booster Test Flight - - The side boosters executed a 20 degree roll program with a rate of 30dps, beginning at T+0.9. Initial pitch-over of the vehicle at launch was due to thrust inconsistencies between booster motors. Because of a low level coordinate transformation error in its flight software, the center core flew with poor stability, correcting roughly 20 degrees off axis for both pitch and yaw. Photos from the flight can be found here: https://bps.space/gallery/ For more info: https://twitter.com/joebarnard http://www.bps.space
G8ST Rocket Motor Test Flight - - FLIGHT DATA: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1g16lZlNKqRVAd4mePxDKsWFw7Lo1jOPMTm628585Fh4/edit?usp=sharing A quick note: While the motor did melt the PLA tube holding it, the rest of the TVC assembly(outer/inner gimbal, servos, linkages) were unaffected. Since the heat of the motor was so intense, it's unlikely we'll be able to mitigate it using more liners than were already there. The same goes for using most other plastic FDM materials. For now, we'll probably cut the burn time down a bit and make sure users have access to extra motor mount tubes, should one of them melt. The motor ...
The Future of Scale Rocketry - NARCON 2018 - - The Friday evening keynote from NARCON 2018 in Houston, TX. Keynote by Joe Barnard, NARCON and Q&A hosted by James Duffy. For more info: https://twitter.com/joebarnard http://www.bps.space

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