Binder Design - Dual Deploy Kit for 3.9" Diameter Rockets Component

Manufacturer: Binder Design
Product Type: Component
Tags: Component:Avionics Bay
  • Binder Design 3.9" Avionics Bay By Wayne Miller

    Altimeter bay kit for 3.9inch rockets. 2 coupler tubes 4 bulkheads 2 all-threads 4 wing-nuts 4 washers 4 nuts 1 key switch Construction PRO's: Instructions were complete and easy to follow, backed up with great illustrations. Construction was easy. Only gotcha is the cutting out of airframe hole for switch to go in. No special tools are needed. Summary: PRO's: ...

  • Binder Design 3.9" Avionics Bay By Jon Hatch

    (by Jon Hatch - 06/01/03) Construction: The Parts list is as follows: 4" long section of 3.9" body tube 6" couplers Outer bulkheads to cap the ends of the couplers and slide inside the BT of your rocket Inner bulkheads that just fit inside the tube couplers to help provide a seal 12" lengths of "all-thread" Key switch Eye bolts ...

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  • Chuck Williams for Uploading a Rocksim Design

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