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PSAS Launch 2010-06-27

Lift off of Launch Vehicle No. 2.3 (LV2's third airframe) with PSAS' first Roll Control module took place at Oregon Rocketry's (OROC) "Summer Skies" launch. We launched on Sunday June 27th at 2:44pm on an Aerotech "N2000W" motor. LV2 exceeded Mach 1 & rose above 15,000 ft. Camera Operator Casey Repp Pentax K20D, 1536 × 1024 pixels 20fps Portland State Aerospace Society ***** Notes ***** I'm aware of the 2 - 8 shades of white. I'll fix them next time. =D

 Rocketry Club: Oregon Rocketry

Author cptmc
Duration 21 seconds
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