Flight Log - 2020-01-25 - Hans "Chris" Michielssen's Quest Viper

A modified stock Quest kit.

Rhe upswept fins were flipped over to give it a more traidional look. The fin tips were clipped and the square tips rounded.

The body tube was shortened by two inches.

Red monokote trim pieces were added to the fins and body tube.

The 14" parachute was trimmed down to 12" and a large spill hole cut in the center.

Flight Date: 2020-01-25
Rocket Name: Quest Viper
Kit Name: Quest - Viper {Kit} (5594)
Flyer's Name: Hans "Chris" Michielssen
Motors: Chinese made Quest A6-4
Launch Site: Schoolyard Soccer field
Actual Altitude: 250.00 Feet

Under the kite tail streamer, it bounced when it hit the ground. I thought there might be a cracked fin but no damage.

1Quest A6-4


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