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Punk Rocket Science Interceptor-N flight at LDRS-29 (2010-07-07)
On board video from the nose camera of the Punk Rocket Science Interceptor-N flight at LDRS-29! The rocket flew on an Aerotech N3300 to an altitude of 3913 feet! [View]

"Hot Rod" - Nuclear Orion spacecraft prototype (2007-01-01)
In 1959 this mock-up version of the Orion was launched helping prove the validity of the design. 1 Meter in diameter, weighing 105kg, it was not powered by nuclear blasts but by 1 kilogram balls of ... [View]

'Focus on Marshall' in Utah for Historic Motor Test (2010-05-18)
A legacy of smoke and fire is celebrated in the May episode of "Focus on Marshall." The "Focus on Marshall" team traveled to Promontory, Utah, for the final ground test of a space shuttle solid ... [View]

1/72 Space Shuttle Model Test Flight, October 1998, #3 (2008-12-04)
Model by George Gassaway, third flight of the day, of an on and off project started in 1977. Video shot by Greg Warren. 1/72 scale model flown on F25 rocket engine, with R/C orbiter doing an OMS burn ... [View]

11 Launches in 30 seconds (2006-11-23)
11 model rockets launched to the legendary rock of Cold Chisel, "Standing on the Outside". [View]

1968: Apollo 6 (NASA) (2008-05-06)
Apollo 6, launched in April 1968, was the Apollo programme's second and last unmanned test flight of its Saturn V launch vehicle. Unlike the near perfect flight of Apollo 4, Apollo 6 experienced ... [View]

2 stage model rocket with onboard camera (2010-03-03)
Second flight of my stage rocket with onboard camera [View]

2 Stage Rocket with on-board cam (2007-04-29)
This is the eighth and highest launch to date with the on-board cam. Its a two stage rocket called Snubby that I fully designed and built myself.I'm usung Estes D12-0 for the booster and a D12-7 for ... [View]

2007-12-26 - Eighth Speed Pad View of Semroc Saturn 1B 4Es (2008-01-01)
Eighth speed pad view of Semroc Saturn 1B using 4 Estes E9 motors. [View]

2008-05-10 NEFAR High-Speed Videos (2008-05-12)
High-speed (slow-motion) videos from the May, 2008, Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry launch. [View]

2008-06-07 ROCK Launch High-Speed Videos (2008-06-28)
Videos from ROCK's June launch recorded in high-speed. [View]

2008-07-10 ROCK Launch High-Speed Rocketry Video (2008-07-17)
The July 2008 ROCK launch captured in high-speed. [View]

2008-07-12 NEFAR Launch High-Speed Videos (2008-07-13)
A collection of high-speed videos from the July 12, 2008, NEFAR rocket launch. [View]

2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0ToC6-0ToC6-7 - Ground View Abbreviated (2009-01-02)
2008-12-25 - Fliskits Nomad Flight 001 - D12-0ToC6-0ToC6-7 - Ground View Abbreviated [View]

2009-01-17 - Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association Launch (2009-01-21)
High-speed (slow-motion) videos from the January, 2009, TTRA launch. [View]

2009-03-21 AstronMike's Gliders at the TTRA Launch (2009-03-25)
A montage of Mike's glider flights from the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association's March, 2009, launch. [View]

2009-03-21 Big Daddy Akavish at TTRA Launch (2009-03-26)
Roger and Bracha's Big Daddy Akavish is launched on J327 and K327 motors at the TTRA launch in March, 2009. Includes high-speed and onboard footage. [View]

2010-04-24 Rocket launch camera onboard video (2010-04-25)
My rocket : ) Intro to rocketry class at Casper College. Wickman Spacecraft & Propulsion Company in Casper, Wyoming Casper College 2010 Springs ES1100 Introduction To Rocketry Dr. John H. ... [View]

2011-10 Glider Demo (2011-10-20)
Demo of electronics installation and servo control (starting about 1/3 thru video) of rocket glider. Glider is intended as a test bed for a system that will recover a rocket after deployment of a ... [View]

2012 3-3 FAR Activities: Sugar motors, Recovery ejection test and a CATO (2012-03-05)
Paul Avery static tested three 38mm single use sugar motors, all successful. Hal Duffy did the first test of the drogue chute piston ejection as part of the recovery system being designed for the ... [View]

2013-12-07 December ROCK Launch (2013-12-08)
Video from the December ROCK launch in Oviedo, FL, as captured by a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. [View]

2015-09-12 NEFAR (2015-09-13)
Video of the September 12, 2015, rocket launch hosted by NEFAR in Bunnell, Florida. [View]

2017-11-12 NEFAR Launch - Bracha's Mosquito (2017-11-14)
Bracha's Upscale Mosquito is launched on an Aerotech J250 DMS motor at NEFAR's annual Bunnell Blast. The flight used a Jolly Logic Chute Release. [View]

24mm Deuce's Wild Night Launch (2007-03-12)
The rocket has two D12 motors that are canted. It did not go as planned since one of the D12 motors had a nozzle failure. This rocket is an upscale of the 18mm Deuce's Wild from Fliskits. [View]

4" Nike I600 (2007-04-08)
Aiden Sojourner Polecat Aerospace 4" Nike Smoke on an I600 Redline. [View]

4-25-2010 MiniSShot Flight videocam #2 (2010-04-27)
First Flight of the MiniSShot rocket, part of the Sugar Shot to Space project at 10:00 am on April 25, 2010 at the FAR site in the California Mojave Desert. First motor ignition at 2:21 in the video ... [View]

4-H Club Model Rocket Launch (2007-02-16)
Olympic Peninsula Rocketry 4-H Club Launch [View]

4500lb Rocket motor static test. (2010-06-07)
This was the second of thee 20-second burns, engine is LOX/Ethanol with a Helium pressurization [View]

7 Foot Span R/C Rocket Glider- Boost (2009-01-27)
Keith Vinyard's model at NARAM-47. Two E9's plus air-started E9. Camera showing engines [View]

Advanced Rocketry Workshop & Level 1 Certification Flight (2009-07-13)
1/4 scale Patriot Missile kit Height: 55" Diameter: 4" Weight: approximately 6 lbs Parachute: b2 Rocketry SkyAngle II, 36" (motor ejection) Motor: Aerotech I284W-M I used a Perfectflite altimeter, ... [View]

Aero-TV: AIA's Audrey Koehler - Launching Our Next Generation Pt. 1 (2010-06-02)
Recrafting The Future of Aerospace Recent publications from the Aerospace Industries Association note that, "America's requirement for workers who are well educated in science, technology, ... [View]

Aero-TV: Third Times a Charm - Ingraham High School's 'Educated Pyros' (2010-06-25)
Science, Technology, Perseverance... and FUN! One of our favorite stories at TARC 2010 unfolded before our cameras as we watched a high school team hit a bad run of luck... one misfire... then ... [View]

AeroTech 3-grain 75mm Blue Thunder Static Test (2009-05-26)
Static test of an AeroTech 3-grain 75mm RMS reloadable motor. The motor produced the characteristic Blue Thunder shrieking/howling sound during operation! [View]

Aerotech Initiator CATO (2008-04-23)
O-ring fails on Aerotech Initiator with loaded "G" engine. [View]

AeroTech Initiator Rocket Launch (2012-01-03)
Mid-power rocket with a GoPro camera installed. I used an F27-4R AeroTech motor and measured 650 ft. peak altitude with the camera installed. [View]

Air Force To Launch First X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle (2010-04-22) Courtesy Department Of Defense The 45th Space Wing is set to launch an Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle from Space Launch Complex 41 on April 22, 2010. The rocket will carry the ... [View]

Amateur Rocket Lauch with onboard Camera (2008-11-04)
We had an amateur rocket launch on Nov 3, 2008 at the soccer field near our office in Libertyville. Quite an amazing experience. the device onboard the rocket had a video and audio component. ... [View]

Amateur rocket launches (2007-05-18)
This is a highlight of some video we shot at Bear Creek Lake Park in Morrison, Colorado back around 2000. We learned that it's difficult to track the rocket launches with the camera - especially ... [View]

Amateur Rocket REDOX 2006 (2007-10-10)
Spectators view of the amateur rocket launch REDOX build by Bert Kimpe of the Vlaamse Raket Organisatie. This is a fiberglass epoxy rocket powered by a KNO3 sugar motor. Unfortunately the video ... [View]

Angled wood joint for model rockets (2009-02-03)
When creating spin tabs on the bottom of the fins on your model rocket, you should bevel the edges so that you maximize the strength of the joint. It also makes it much more attractive. In this ... [View]

Another Longshot 2-stage model rocket on-board video (2010-03-28)
Onboard video from a 2-stage Estes Longshot model rocket flying on D12-0 to C6-5 motors [View]

Apollo 11 Model Rocket Launch - Recreation of the Original 1969 NBC Broadcast (2019-06-19)
At 9:32 AM on July 16, 1969, a Saturn V carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins lifted off from Launch Pad 39A in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Designated "Apollo 11," the mission ... [View]

Armadillo lunar lander flight, 28 Oct (2007-10-28)
Armadillo Aerospace's Module 1, an experimental rocket-powered lunar lander vehicle, makes a flight in an attempt to win the $350,000 Level 1 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge. For more info: ... [View]

Astro Blaster 2010 (2010-10-06)
Resurrected Estes Astroblaster flies again. Two successful launches in Wilton CT [View]

ASTROBEE D ROCKET (2009-05-17)

Awesome high power rocket with homemade motor (2008-04-12)
This is a high power rocket launch of my Bat outta Hell. It is the last flight of this rocket. It flew on a homemade 54mm motor. AP based. Check out the 2 other movies of results of this flight. [View]

Ball Point Pen Rocket (2006-05-14)
This is a rocket I made in about 30 minutes this sunday afternoon. The rocket is constructed of a ball point pen (ink tube removed), Micro Maxx Rocket (small rockets availiable at anywhere like ... [View]

Big Daddy Akavish (2007-09-30)
Roger and Bracha's large Spider-themed rocket is launched on an I motor. [View]

big model rocket (2008-03-15)
launching home made model rocket with parachute [View]

Big Orange Rocket Launch (2007-04-17)
Watch a homemade scratch-built rocket that is over 7 feet tall soar into sky. Launched in Houston, Texas at Rushing Park. [View]

Big Rocket at Lucerne Dry Lake: ROCKSTOCK XXIV (2006-11-12)
11/11/06 This big ole monster had a long 10 second burn and gave everyone a pretty good thrill. A little squirrely at first till it burned a couple pounds of fuel - then it went up like a... a ... [View]

Big sugar rocket motor O-11K (2010-07-19)
Static test of big amateur rocket motor using KNO3-Isomalt propellant. Class O-11000,grains 8pcs uninhibited. [View]

Birthday Rockets 2007 - Video Rocket Flight (2007-03-28)
First test flight of eyeRocket II with an onboard camera - big rocket goes up and goes boom. An egg flies with only 3 inches of pool noodle for protection. [View]

BL1 Rocket Launch (2008-10-25)
Dale's attempt to launch the Bud Light 1 homemade rocket. lol. It launched alright. [View]

Black Rock Rocket Launches at ARLISS 2009 (2009-11-07)
These are some shorts of various rocket launches at the September 2009 ARLISS/AEROPAC/XPRS event in the Black Rock Sesert of Nevada. The end is my son's adventures with his new Estes rocket we ... [View]

Blown Nozzle on rocket at LDRS X (2006-10-27)
This launch attempt occurred at LDRS X in 1991, at the Black Rock desert in Nevada. It looks like the nozzle blew out on the motor, so a lot of thrust is lost. [View]

Blue Ninja Rocket Launch w/ Onboard Video (2011-03-16)
Maiden launch of our new rocket at Ragwing Field. Not bad video from the rocket POV as the mini video camera only cost $8 shipped! [View]

Blueprint for Disaster-take 2 (2006-11-06)
The second flight of the world's largest (so far) hybrid monocopter. A new formula, a nice flight and another hard landing at MDRA's Red Glare launch. [View]

Bretts multistage homemade rocket disaster (2006-12-15)
Bretts spectacular multistage rocket explosion launch [View]

Buccaneer's Football Field Model Rocketry (2010-08-24)
An afternoon of model rocketry at the Buccaneer's Football Field in Hinesburg, Vermont - The rocket is the Estes Oracle Video Rocket (there's a launch clip at the very end) [View]

Building Your First High Power Rocket - Part 4 (2011-05-31)
Putting together a high power rocket is actually easier than you might imagine. In this fourth video, you'll see how install rail buttons and the Aeropack engine retainer. We're trying something ... [View]

Camera Rocket Launched at LDRS (2008-09-02)
This is a video sequence captured by a FlyCamOne2 attached to a LOC-IV Rocket. It was flown at the LDRS in Argonia, Kansas on August 31, 2008. [View]

Caribou Caffeinator - On Board Rocket Camera (2010-07-16)
Caribou Caffeinator Cesaroni 38mm 5 Grain I297 Skidmark(TM) 2165 Feet on July 10, 2010 North Branch, MN Tripoli Minnesota High Powered Rocket Club Adding a swivel did not help minimize spin. Drat! I ... [View]

Caribou Coffee Rocket (2009-10-11)
Build, Display, and Launch the LOC HyperLoc 835 [View]

CATO Rocketry Club Launch Highlights #139 July 19, 2008 (2008-07-21)
The triumph and the tragedy of launching model rockets! Here are some highlights from CATO Rocketry Club Launch #139 on July 19, 2008. Filmed at Whites Farm Field in Durham CT. This month was hot! ... [View]

CC Express First Launch (2007-03-17)
The September 10, 2006 launch of my CC Express model rocket. FLIGHT NUMBER: C0013 ROCKET NUMBER: T0006 ROCKET NAME: CC Express PRODUCT: Estes 1302 LAUNCH DATE: 09/10/2006 LAUNCH TIME: 2:00 pm ... [View]

Cluster Rocket of 5 "E" engines and 1 "C", (with a rough landing!) (2013-01-02)
A custom cluster-engine model rocket flight of 5 Estes "E' Engines and 1 Estes "C" Engine. The flight went well, but the coming down was a different story. D... [View]

Crayon X3 on AMW I-315 Skidmark (2007-04-01)
Crayon X3 high-power rocket onboard launch video at NEFAR 9/2006. Crank up the sound, its awesome... [View]

CSXT First Civilian Rocket Launch to Space (2007-05-15)
Launched to 379,900 feet (72 miles) on May 17, 2004 by the Civilian Space Exploration Team led by Ky Michaelson and Jerry Larson, and sponsored by GoFast Sports. The rocket was powered by a solid ... [View]

D12-3 Estes rocket on a little car (2008-03-23)
D12-3 rocket motor on a toy :) enjoy! [View]

DARPA Second Test Flight Falcon HTV-2 Mach 20 X Speed Sound 08/11/2011 (2011-08-12)
08/11/2011 atualized 08/12/2011 at 05:24 AM The second and final flight test of DARPA's Hypersonic Test Vehicle 2 (HTV-2) is expected to take place today over the Pacific Ocean. The wedge shaped ... [View]

Darryl's Thumper (2006-10-13)
Darryl's Polecat Aerospace Thumper boosting on an Aerotech I600 Redline [View]

Dave Hein's Quad Pod II (2008-08-30)
Dave Hein's Experimental gimbaled rocket [View]

Dave Lowe's Water Rocket Video (2007-11-27)
One of Dave Lowe's water rockets shot from the launch, the landing and featuring amazing on-board video. Set imaginatively to music by Andrew Hanson. [View]

Delta II Rocket Video (2011-11-26)
High Powered Delta II scale rocket launched on 11/11/11 at ROCstock in Lucerne Dry Lake, California. [View]

Delta IV Heavy (2007-03-31)
Delta IV Heavy Scale Model Launch at NEFAR - March 10, 2007 [View]

Delta Rocket Cam (2007-11-11)
Delta II Launch Vehicle with on-board camera. [View]

Deuces Wild on board (2009-11-28)
On board video from the Fliskits Deuces Wild, clustered on C6-3's. [View]

Dex K815 Skid 9-25-10 (2010-09-26)
Dex at Chili Blaster II in Pueblo, CO flying on CTI K815 with Skidmark propellant. A weld on the leg of the launch pad broke during takeoff and the rail sepa... [View]

EARS - Andy's Level 3 "M" Rocket - Casio EX-F1 High Speed Pad Cam (2010-05-15)
Pad Cam video of Andys Level 3 attempt on 15th May 2010 filmed with Casio EX-F1 camera at 300fps (10x slower) [View]

ENORMOUS Saturn V Rocket launches in Northern Colorado (2009-12-30)
During Oktoberfest in Northern Colorado, the last flight to be launched was a scale Saturn V rocket. The rocket had 4 'K' class motors and 1 central 'M' motor giving this missle a lot of punch and a ... [View]

Epic Rocket Launch (2010-05-02)
My son decided to name his custom-designed and scratch-built rocket "Epic"... Here is the maiden test launch with a J360 Skidmark with ground footage and then the camera on rocket. The plan was ... [View]

ESL #107 Little John Cluster (2007-03-16)
This is flight of a full-scale Little John during the MDRA launch 3/10/2007. This video was taken from an on-board camera. [View]

ESL 80 Suspicion of Extreme Ignorance-pad cam (2006-07-03)
SOEI didn't hang around on the pad very long, just the way we like it. [View]

Estes "Patriot" model rocket launches - "Holy cow!" (2008-08-15)
This was our first time launching model rockets, and all four of our launches were successful. Our first launch wasn't filmed, but that engine was a B4-4 or something and didn't go as high. I then ... [View]

Estes Astrovision rocket launch #2 (2007-10-05)
Second launch of Estes AstroVision rocket. We used a C6-5 engine. [View]

Estes Big Daddy Launch - Pad Cam and Onboard Side By Side (2008-11-18)
Awesome footage from our August 2008 Launch; it's a shame we didn't have a third ground camera tracking the rocket; it ejected just a few feet off the ground. [View]

Estes Big Daddy Rocket Launch Triple Chute Recovery (2008-02-12)
Launching The Estes Big Daddy With Alma Colors. Triple Parachute Recovery and D9-6 Motor. The stand was not held down properly and slid during launch. Then the shockcord burned through as well. Alma ... [View]

Estes Big Daddy Rocket on C6-5 engines... Failing (2011-07-25)
I did not have any D or E engines so I made a retrofit mount to use a C engine. Epic Failure... [View]

Estes CC Express (2 stage) Rocket Launch (2007-06-22)
Just a short video of my "D" powered CC express going up during some RocStock launch. As you can hear by my dad's laughing he did not expect it to do so high (considering it was so low power). He ... [View]

Estes Echostar 2 stage model rocket launch (2006-11-22)
Launch of Estes Echostar with a C6-0 booster & B6-4 sustainer. [View]


Estes Executioner on an E20-7 (2020-06-03)
Estes Executioner on an Aerotech S|U E20-7 [View]

Estes Laviathan (2012-04-28)
Estes Leviathan maiden flight [View]

estes model rockets (2010-07-17)
estes skywrighter, speed freak, baby beartha, and blackbird take off. [View]

Estes Mongoose (2010-08-03)
The first launch went smooth. Uses a B6-0 and an A8-3. The bottom fins got melted some how. The second stage kind of got scorched to. Watch the next launch of this rocket to see me say good bye to ... [View]

Estes Oracle launch on an E9-6 with On-Board Footage (2006-11-06)
Oracle video rocket launched on a E9-6 over the New Forest in the South of England, external as well as on-board with pip (picture in picture). [View]

Estes Oracle Rocket launch on C11-3 then D12-3 engine with onboard HD keyfob camera (2011-07-19)
Estes Oracle Launched on C11-3 then D12-3 with onboard HD keyfob camera, needs longer delay, will probably use D12-5 next time. Launched at one of the HART r... [View]

Estes Patriarch Model Rocket - Part 1 (2007-09-17)
The estes patriarch model rocket - straight out of the box! A demonstration video for assembling the rocket for its maiden voyage. Part 1 focuses on the assembly. Later in part 2, we will attempt ... [View]

Estes Phoenix Model Rocket - Nine Flights (2006-09-22)
One mighty fine rocket! This used a "D" size motor. This puppy was always my favorite! Filmed in 1987 and 1988. [View]

Estes Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (2007-12-29)
Estes saturn V moel rocket being launched with 3 C6-3 rocket motors. Cool flight. [View]

Estes Vector Force rocket with on-board Camera (2010-11-03)
Estes Vector Force rocket with onboard spycam flying on a C6-5 [View]

Event Horizon - LDRS 25- High Power Rocket Launch (2010-07-07)
Art Hoag and company launch a very large rocket on a cluster of 3 Animal Motor Works N-4000 Blue Baboon rocket motors at Tripoli Rocketry Associations national LDRS launch. [View]

Experimental lunar lander flight at X Prize Cup (2007-10-27)
Armadillo Aerospace's rocket-powered Module 1 vehicle makes its second flight at the 2007 Wirefly X Prize Cup. For more info: [View]

Experimental Rocketry (2009-06-24)
10V Rocket flight 3, objectives met or exceeded: Smaller fin set to decrease flex and add stability/ 90 degree set. Determine if 1 percent Iron oxide added to KN0/SB, would yield higher, cleaner ... [View]

eyeRocket I slomo onboard rocket camera (2007-03-26)
A minidv camera onboard a custom model rocket. Video in slow motion at 1/8th normal speed. It looks really "NASA", including the amazing onboard fire. Shawn Skead "donated" the video camera [View]

EZI65 on I284W at LDRS-28 (2009-07-10)
LDRS-28 video camera rocket - LOC EZI-65 on AEROTECH I284W [View]

Failure of 2400 lbs thrust rocket motor in flight at Balls 2005 (2009-05-12)
Flight test of a 6 inch diameter 2400 lbs thrust solid rocket motor. Rocket weight at takeoff = 145 lbs. Motor was designed for a two stage 220 lbs rocket, but rocket was not ready in time and a ... [View]

Falcon Heavy Model - Flight 2 (2019-07-31)
The 1/48th scale Falcon Heavy model is a technology demonstrator for The intention is to showcase the advancement possible at the model scale. Each of the three cores carries a flight ... [View]

Fat Albert JATO takeoff (2007-03-23)
The Blue Angels support plane Fat Albert uses 8 JATO (APCP rocket motors) bottles to simulate an assisted short field take off in 2002 at NAS Willow Grove [View]

Fiesta Island DART Rocket Launching! (2008-11-22)
DART (Diego Area Rocketry Team) hosts numerous rocket launching events. This shows that even a failed rocket can be entertaining! [View]

Final Flight of the Phoenix (2012-02-21)
The final flight of our Estes "Phoenix" model rocket, fired from a scale seagoing barge. It powers into the sand while still under full thrust. The rocket, previously damaged by several crashes ... [View]

First Flight of Estes CC Express Model Rocket with On-Board Video (2009-10-13)
I built a 2-stage Estes CC Express Model Rocket and this is its first flight as seen using a Boostervision digital video camera mounted to the sustainer stage. The rocket was flown on October 12, ... [View]

FITS Attempted Level 2 Certification Flight (2007-05-29)
This video starts with a brief interview I had with Rockets Magazine on the launch pad then goes on to my attempted Level 2 Certification flight on a scratch built rocket of my own design. Liftoff ... [View]

Flirtin' with Disaster rocket over a mile high! (2012-03-19)
4" Darkstar kit from wildmanrocketry,com flown on a Aerotech K1275R motor.Named for one of my fav bands Molly Hatchet. [View]

Full-Scale Test Firing of Orion Jettison Motor (2008-07-20)
Full-Scale Test Firing of Orion Jettison Motor This video shows a full-scale rocket motor test to further development of the Orion jettison motor, which will separate the spacecraft's launch abort ... [View]

Fullsize Patriot Rocket launch at LDRS XI (2006-10-29)
This is an amateur launch of a fullscale Patriot rocket at LDRS XI, in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. This launch occurred August 15th, 1992. It is impressive to see such large rockets fly, even if ... [View]

G Superroc Test flight - March 2007 (2007-08-05)
Southern Neutron Team* test flight. 14.75 foot tall all-BT-60 model, powered by a cluster of one F10 and two E6's. This apparently was the first max-length G Superroc to fly successfully. If the ... [View]

G-40 Powered rocket with on-board cam (2007-10-04)
This is a rocket designed and built by me with a G-40-10W. It is really lightweight and soars to 3500'. Watch as it corkscrews all the way up. [View]

Gemini Model Rocket Launch (2008-05-29)
Following up on the success of the Saturn V rocket, the Gemini rocket is presented using the same priciples taken from the Saturn. Cluster of 3 Estes E engines, over five feet tall. [View]

German V-2 Model Rocket with 8000-lbs of thrust (2009-09-11)
Launch site in Orangeburg, SC by a model rocket club that meets on a 1-mile diameter sod farm. These guys are SERIOUS about their rockets and this 450-lb super-size model was the prize of the day. ... [View]

Getting GOCE to the launch pad (2009-05-01)
The Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) is an ESA satellite that was launched on March 17, 2009. [View]

GI Joe Capsule Water Rocket Launch (2008-10-19)
Kentuckiana GI Joe Club launches a Space Capsule on a 4-liter water rocket. [View]

Gold Member Rocket Launch - Onboard Video (2007-10-14)
This is an onboard video of Travis Music's "Gold Member" model rocket. An Estes D12-5 motor was used. The chute was broken, so hang on! [View]

Google Lunar X-Prize Moon 2.0 - International Version (2008-08-31)
Moon 2.0 Join the Revolution - International Version (Enable subtitles by clicking on the small arrow in the right bottom corner of the YouTube screen) (��& ... [View]

GoPro HD Rocket Launch (2011-01-02)
Launched GoPro HD on Estes Renegade-D Rocket with D12-5 Booster Engine without housing. 1st part is a iphone view and second is POV of the GoPro on the rocket. [View]

Gus goes to NARCON 2009 Highlights (2009-04-22)
Gus goes to the National Association of Rocketry Convention on March 20-22, 2009 in Wethersfield, CT. Gus visited with some of the vendors and talked to: [View]

Ham the Chimp Goes to Space! (2009-04-29)
On January 31, 1961 NASA launched a Mercury Redstone rocket with Ham the chimpanzee on board. The capsule traveled 157 miles before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean. en.w ... [View]

Hammerhead and Prangle's Drag Race, Onboard! (2009-09-07)
Small Spy Camera launched in the Hammerhead, a rocket I designed souly for this camera. The Camera weighs less than 3/4 of an ounce, allowing it to be launched by even a C6 motor. This launch was on ... [View]

Hanukkah Model Rocket Launch Part 1 (2011-12-25)
We had a ball on Friday morning during Hanukkah launching model rockets with the neighborhood kids! [View]

Hanukkah Model Rocket Launch Part 2 .m4v (2011-12-25)
We had a ball on Friday morning during Hanukkah launching model rockets with the neighborhood kids! [View]

HART Rockets Onboard Rocket video using ATC-1000 Camera (2006-11-20)
Visit for more details - Video from a HPR Rocket on a I350 motor, Filmed using a ATC-1000 helmet camera from for more information visit the rocket ... [View]

Heads Up and Hats Off - High Power Rocket - M Motor (2009-09-11)
Heads Up and Hats Off - High Power Rocket - M Motor [View]

Helicopter Model Rockets (2010-10-27)
This video gives you an introduction to the fascinating world of helicopter-recovery rockets. There are many different types of helicopters, and I'll show you a few of the different ones that I've ... [View]

Hi-Flier Rocket Launch (2007-10-14)
Our first attempt to build and launch a model rocket. [View]

High Power Breadmaker Rocket (2007-07-16)
High Power Breadmaker Rocket Flying [View]

High Power L2 Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Thick Black Exhaust Smoke- 5/20/2011 (2011-05-23)
Launched at monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City, FL. Aerotech J401 Black Max and Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. Camcorder record button turned itelf off after only three seconds of flight- ... [View]

High Power Model Rocket @ Rio Grande Ohio (2007-07-17)
High Powered model rocket launch at Rio Grande Ohio. Rocket had on board camcorder. [View]

High Power Rocket 4-19-08 (2008-04-20)
High and Mid power model rocket launches [View]

High power rocket explosion (2008-06-14)
This was an experimental motor. It didnt work like it was sopposed to. I guess thats obvious. I was about 100' away. [View]

High Power Rocket flown in Nevada (2006-12-29)
This is Hy-Po launched in Nevada at the Aero-Pac Mud Rock launch of '05. [View]

High Power Rocket Launch (2007-08-18)
Launch of a high power rocket at the AARG launch site near Hutto, Texas on August 18, 2007. [View]

High Power Rocket Launch 07 (2008-07-06)
A friend and I launched several high power rockets in July of 07 [View]

High Power Rocket Launch w/ Panoramic Onboard Video- May 20, 2011 (2011-05-23)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at Varn Ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used a Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and flew an Aiptek Hi Speed HD camcorder. The camcorder was positioned so that ... [View]

High Power Rocket Launch with Drogue Streamers/ Camcorders (2013-01-20)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch in Plant City, FL. I reconstructed my CINEMA 4.5 rocket to have a 39" long camcorder section with its own altimeter and main chute. Used a 70" ... [View]

High power rocket night launch. (2009-06-24)
Night rocket launch at Mudrock event, Blackrock desert playa 06/09 [View]

High Power Rocket w/ Onboard Video- Fantastic Vidcaps- March 19, 2011 (2011-03-21)
Launched at the monthly TTRA launch at the Varn ranch, Plant City FL. CINEMA 3.5 used an Aerotech I200 White Lightning motor and an Aiptek Hi Speed HD 60 fps camcorder. Altimeter fired the main ... [View]

High Power Rocket. 54mm diameter Rocket Shred (2007-01-07)
This is the flight of my 54mm rocket on a Aerotech K1100 Blue Thunder motor. The rocket shreds at Mach 1.5 [View]

High Power Rocketry - NAR Level 1 Certification (2009-03-23)
I flew my NAR Level 1 Certification flight on March 21st, 2009 in Palm Bay , Florida. I built this rocket as the test bed for my computer engineering senior design project which was an electrical ... [View]

High Powered Rocket 1 (2008-11-22)
This was loud which was awesome! [View]

High Powered Rocket on M3000 motor (2011-12-18)
Rocket launched on M3000 motor in Plant City FLorida - reached altitude of 13,500+ft [View]

High Powered Rocket Side Deployment (2009-11-12)
An example of a side deployment test for a 4" Goblin high-altitude rocket. [View]

High speed video rocket mach diamond shock diamonds (2009-01-08)
Closeup of rocket fire in high speed, with a bit of a startup transient. The pulsing at the end is the purge gas pushing the extra propellant in the lines out. The rocket is hinged and is commanded ... [View]

How to Assemble a Model Rocket Launch Pad (2008-01-18)
This is the launch pad that comes with Estes model rocket kits.  [View]

How To Build GREAT Model Rockets (2007-01-15)
Building GREAT model rockets is all about techniques. I'd like to show you those techniques. [View]

How to Fold a Model Rocket Parachute (2007-09-25)
Lots of newbies ask about this. Okay, here's how I do it. Note: there are as many techniques for folding parachutes are there are people flying rockets, so don't take this as the end-all, be-all of ... [View]

How to Make A Paper Transition for Model Rockets - Part 3 (2009-06-08)
Making a paper transition section for a model rocket - Part 3. Here you'll see the secret glue that I use to get a perfect curve on the outer surface of the transition. Then we'll start building the ... [View]

How to make conformal model rocket parts (2009-12-07)
When the bottom edge of a model rocket part conforms to the shape of the curved body tube, we call this a conformal part. This includes wide parts, like thick fins, surface details like electrical ... [View]

HPR Rocket (2006-09-27)
This is my scratch built rocket. It is powered by an I285R motor by Aerotech! [View]

HS240 - Johns Rocket Delta cato 07-11-10 (2010-11-07)
John's hybrid rocket glider suffering a cato at EARS Rocket Club Meeting on 7th November 2010 - filmed on Fuji HS10 camera at 240fps [View]

Hybrid R Rocket Prep (2009-10-13)
Jeff's hybrid rocket was rebuilt, for the fifth time, hoping for a successful launch this year at BALLS in the Black Rock Desert. They were rushing to get it ready before the sand storms blew in... ... [View]

India satellite rocket explodes after take-off (2010-12-26) NEW DELHI, INDIA -- A rocket carrying an Indian communications satellite exploded just after lift-off on Saturday, in the second launch failure for India's space programme this ... [View]

India's Launch of GSAT-5P Telecommunication Satellite Fails (2010-12-25)
ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, saw its GSLV Mark 1 rocket begin to disintegrate about a minute after launch today as it veered off course. It was carrying the GSAT-5P telecom ... [View]

Instructions for Building Model Rockets : Kit Setup for Building Model Rockets (2007-12-31)
Learn how to setup the kit to build a Big Bertha Estes model rocket in in this free model rockets video. Expert: Jack Attkins Bio: Jack Attkins is a model rocket enthusiast who has been launching ... [View]

Jackson Michigan Model Rocket Club (2005-12-06)
Wildman Jumbo Dark Star 8" 14.5 feet tall 93 pounds loaded, flown on a Aerotech N2220. Flew to 7,200 feet and 600mph Wildman Ultimate Interceptor 6" 12 feet tall 57 pounds loaded, flown on a ... [View]

Jon Chrisman's "Ultimate Wildman" Level 3 Certification Flight (2012-09-26)
Jon's successful level 3 certification flight with his rocket "Ultimate Wildman". Flown at Freedom Launch 2012 on September 1st in Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Technical Adviser was Tom Binford. ... [View]

JPX Level III Cert Flight (2007-12-01)
Sorry for the crappy quality video. Scratch-built model burning a Kosdon M1130 TRS, using an Adept ALTS2 for dual deploy, Rocketman 6' drougue, Rocketman 14' main parachute. Big thanks to Ross at ... [View]

Kloudbusters Rocketry Highlights from AIRFest 15, Sept 6, 2009 -- Part 1 (2009-09-08)
Highlights of high-power rocket launches at AIRFest 15 on Sunday Sept. 6 sponsored by KLOUDBusters. Part 1 of 2. Largest rocket launches are in part 2. The event was held about 7 miles south of ... [View]

kno3/epoxy rocket (2008-01-03)
This is a rocket using kno3/epoxy for fuel. The video is from the NEFAR site. Really good videos from that site [View]

KSLV-1 "Naro-1" Second Test Flight EXPLODED after lift off (HD) (2010-06-12)
June 10, 2010 - Naro Space Center. The Korea Space Launch Vehicle, or KSLV 1, blasted off from the Naro Space Center at 0801 GMT (4:01 am EDT), or at 5:01 pm local time. The rocket flew through a ... [View]

Lake Ridge Rocketry Club Launch (2007-07-03)
Nice launch until the rocket went into the tree! [View]

Lame tank burst, slow motion and 3D (2011-06-18)
This is what a normal tank burst looks like with a hydrostatic burst, rather than a pneumatic burst. In other words the tank is completely filled with an incompressible fluid, aka water, and when ... [View]

Lanzamiento de un Cohete de Modelismo - Model Rocket Launch (2009-12-21)
Lanzamiento de un cohete amateur, en Chihuahua, 20 de Dic 2009. [View]

Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (2010-06-23)
This new show to see just what objects will fly premieres July 5th at 9pm on the Science Channel. [View]

Large Model Rocket Launch (2007-06-04)
This rocket is made from BT-60 tubing and was custom built from scratch. It was launched using an Estes D engine. This made for a nice flight and recovery. [View]

Launch of Delta 17 Model Rocket (2007-06-14)
Launch of semi-scale model of the Boeing Delta rocket. [View]

Launch of Estes Saturn V Model Rocket (2007-04-19)
This is one of the two successful flights of an Estes Saturn VI built in the early '90s. The next flight after this was in San Diego...the rocket was destroyed :-( [View]

LDRS 23-World's Largest Rocket Launch music video (2006-04-18)
This music video is from TRA's LDRS 23, the world's largest amateur rocket launch which is a yearly event held by the Tripoli Rocket Association. The music by Doylestown PA's CalmInSight is almost ... [View]

LDRS 25 - Phoenix XL Q-13000 - High Power Rocket Launch (2010-07-05)
Sterling Edmunds Q powered rocket has a perfect flight in Amarillo Texas. Pumping out 3000lbs of thrust this rocket jumps off the pad and goes mach 2. [View]

LDRS 28 - Neil Brown - DINOSAURS ROCK-et EXTREME - 8480 Ft Altitude (2009-07-07)
LDRS 28 - Neil Brown - DINOSAURS ROCK-et EXTREME 218 lbs on the pad Motors used - All LOKI White - Central N4500 (16000 ns) and 3 outboard L1400's (2400 ns ea.) 8 ft drogue 14 ft parachute on ... [View]

LDRS 29 - Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships (2010-06-25)
Don't miss Large Dangerous Rocket Ships, hosted by Kari from Mythbusters, on July 5 at 9PM. Teams compete to see who can build the biggest, baddest rocket around. [View]

LDRS 29 Part 1 (2010-06-14)
This video shows my trip to LDRS on June 12th 2010, I went with Kevin and Dominica Martin and my good friend Nick. It shows several rocket launches, dust devils, free falls, and even some e ... [View]

LDRS 29 Part 2 (2010-06-14)
This video shows my trip to LDRS on June 12th 2010, I went with Kevin and Dominica Martin and my good friend Nick. It shows several rocket launches, dust devils, free falls, and even some e ... [View]

LDRS Seismic 2010 Crash (2010-06-15)
Seismic rocket launch at LDRS 29 at Lucerne dry lake, California June 13, 2010. 29 pound rocket on a L850. The main chute charge went off at 500 feet, but the charge was not strong enough to eject ... [View]

LDRS- Alien Rocket (2010-09-29)
For more rockets, visit This thing looks more like a work of art than a real rocket. But its creators swear that physics are on their side. Can the alien rocket really fly? [View]

LDRS25 - Montage of High Power Rocket launches (2010-07-06)
Tripoli Rocketry Association's annual Large and Dangerous Rocket Ship (LDRS) Launch. [View]

LDRS: World's Largest Bottle Rocket (2010-08-12)
This group of doctors are on a quest to build the world's largest bottle rocket. [View]

LEGO Boat Rocket: Failed (2008-05-06)
We built a LEGO Boat and strapped a rocket engine to it and lit it off. It failed but it was cool:) [View]

Lego Rocket Car (2006-08-07)
In this phenomenal film, an ordinary lego-built airplane attains speeds of up to 93 mph. How? With an Estes Model Rocket Engine. [View]

Level 3 (2010-11-09)
High Power rocketry TRA Level 3 flight:November 6, 2010 at Three Oaks, Michigan. Scratchbuilt Crayon rocket on a CTI M3100 White Thunder to 4440 feet. [View]

Level 3 Certification: Extreme WildMan on M2250 C-Star (2011-11-23)
This is the video for my Level 3 Certification flight. I flew an Extreme WildMan on a Cesaroni 75 mm 4-Grain M2250 C-Star motor to 13,250' apogee. Max speed was Mach 1.2. The flight took place at ... [View]

Level 3 modelrocket practice launch (2007-04-21)
This is my Level 3 certification model rocket practice launch [View]

LOC Hi-Tech dual deploy on H123W-M (2011-12-18)
LOC Hi-Tech modified with payload and e-bay. Launched on H123W.. Apogee at 1,980 ft / Main at 500 ft. [View]

Luck Runs Out... (2009-07-05)
"Luck Runs Out" High Power Rockets out at BlackRock First HP cluster First air-start / cluster First on-board video 7-1/2' tall, 4" dia. four motors, two computers, two timers, one camera This ... [View]

Mach 10 Upscale Model Rocket (2010-06-27)
BT-101 radio controlled Centuri Mach-10 flying on an Aerotech F12-3 24mm reload. Filmed with Hobby Works "Keychain Camera" taped behind the cockpit. Too much of the model in the frame though. [View]

Mad Professor TV Test Flight(2) 13.03.2009 (2009-03-16)
Second Test Flight of the Mad rocket - this time launched from the grounds of the salubrious Mad Professor Clone Team Headquarters. [View]

MadCow Rocketry Super DX3 High Power Sport Rocket Launch with Aerial Video (2011-02-20)
MadCow Rocketry Super DX3 Built & Flown By: Jeffery Estes NAR 15301 HPR L2 MC2 / HARA / SCORE / COSROCS FLIGHT 1: SOUTHERN COLORADO ROCKETEERS (SCORE) Pueblo, Colorado NAR Section 632 Location: ... [View]

Maiden flight of Aurora X5 Big Red II with on board camera (2011-03-27)
Almost to the day of the anniversary of the maiden flight of the Artemis X2 rocket originally named Big Red (March 27, 2010), Aurora X5-03 took to the skies in honor of our lost rocket sporting the ... [View]

Mariah-38 from Giant Leap Rocketry, Inc. (2011-01-03)
A brief description of the Mariah-38 ---- a high power rocket from Giant Leap Rocketry. The Mariah-38 features the all new SHOTGUN RECOVERY SYSTEM and the BREAD-BOX AVIONICS BAY. It is a challenging ... [View]

Master Blaster - Car launch (2006-04-04)
Flying Mini Coopers launched with very large model rocket motors. [View]

Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree Rocket (2010-05-08)
Matt Johnson's Christmas Tree rocket, launched May 1, 2010 at the MMAR sport launch, at the Muskegon County Wastewater Facility, Muskegon, MI. The tree weighs 38 pounds. It flew on a K550 White ... [View]

Methane Engine (2007-06-03)
This is a test firing of a new 7500 pound thrust rocket engine. It runs on liquid methane. [View]

MFMC Rocketry Presentation (2010-08-22)
Roger and Bracha Smith showed this video as part of their presentation to the "Mid-Florida Mustang Club" about rocketry. [View]

MGM 140 High Power Rocket (2010-02-20)
1/3 scale MGM 140 missile on a J-415W. Forgot to remove the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" key! Low fog at about 500'. No problem recovering with the GPS [View]

Michigan Team-1 High Power Rocketry (2007-04-23)
April 22, 2007 - Three Oaks, MI - See when the next launch is at [View]

Mighty Saturn V model rocket (2008-04-06)
Presented is the Mighty Saturn V rocket created with simple household items. Its carried by 3 Estes class E engines and hit a height around 1000 ft. Amazingly without a recovery system, the rocket ... [View]

Miss Riley Rocket Launch (2007-04-08)
Miss Riley (inspired by 'October Sky' model rocket launch on April 7 2007 in Townsville Australia. Powered by three Estes E9-6 rocket engines. [View]

Model Rocket - Hi-Jinks Launch 8 (9/14/2010) (2010-12-31)
First high powered C launch of Hi-Jinks. No wind at all and perfectly clear skies allowed the test. Perfect launch, perfect parachute deploy. Rocket drifted about 300 yards northwest. Daniel caught ... [View]

Model Rocket Build - Estes SpaceShipOne (2012-10-06)
The is my first build video, hope you will like it. I'm going to try to launch it in a months time. Music used: Rallying the Defense by [View]

Model Rocket Crash Estes Glider Home Made (2007-03-16)
Model Rocket Crash Estes Glider Home Made [View]

Model Rocket Crashes into own Builder's Car (2007-02-01)
Years ago we used to occasionally launch rockets on our lunch hour at work. We called it a "lunch launch". On this particular Spring day in 1991 we had a good crowd gathered, and several rockets ... [View]

Model rocket fails - explodes at camp (2012-12-28)
Hanging out launching some model rockets into the air after a nice morning ride around Ocotillo Wells. [View]

Model Rocket High & Low Power Estes Launch Pad Crash (2007-03-16)
Model Rocket High & Low Power Estes Launch Pad Crash [View]

Model Rocket Launch (2006-04-28)
Blue, Halen, CJ, and myself, church parking lot near our home. Launching both stealth bombers and a f12 fighter [View]

Model Rocket Launch (2007-07-16)
We launched a Estes Outlaw up to 600 ft (200 m) (70 story building). [View]

The launch of a 7ft model rocket "Mirage". Ignition was done a little too close. "Man that's LOUD" [View]

Model Rocket Launch featuring the SATURN V (2009-03-16)
CAPN Digital Rocketry is pleased to introduce another successful day of model rocket launches concluding with the premier of the ant-scale (18 inches tall) Dr. Zooch designed Saturn V. I designed ... [View]

Model Rocket Launch With Keychain Camera POV 02 (2011-06-19)
Here is a edited version of the launch with some music to go along with it. Enjoy. [View]

model rocket part 1-ready to launch (2007-04-29)
getting ready to launch an Apogee Aspire rocket with Aerotech G80 composite model rocket motor, supersonic, 850 mph. see the blast off in the part 2 video [View]

Model Rocketry at University of Leicester (2007-01-17)
Up to 100Ns impulse model rockets. All launched at Leicester, East Midlands, England. [View]

Model Rockets (2007-01-12)
The first rocket is a single engine, The second is a 5 engine rocket.They said it couldnt be done but I did it. According to the estes corp the second rocket went over 700mph. both were approx 6ft ... [View]

Model Rockets (2009-02-27)
Model rocket launches. [View]

Modified Apogee Components Saturn V Build (Part 1 of 2) (2008-04-05)
Modified Apogee Components Saturn V Build (Part 1 of 2) [View]

Moel Rocket Launching Off Of A Rail (2007-12-29)
Great model rocket flight from a rocket being launched from a rail [View]

Multi Segment Model Rocket Engine Not Multistage Project Success! (Much like the shuttle) (2010-10-08)
This video only functions as a documentary of ideas that i try to realize. Like Myth Busters but not cool. This is dangerous and i don't suggest anyone try this. So don't come crying to me if you ... [View]

Multiple Model Rocket Launches - E Engine Mean Machine (2008-04-04)
We spent some time down on the Curry Farm and launched several rockets. We lost a Mean Machine to a tree and launched a couple at the same time. We got most of our rockets back, so it was a good ... [View]

Multiplex 'Rocket' Fox (2008-09-14)
This is what happens when you strap an Estes C6 Rocket motor to a Multiplex Fox Chuck glider (that has been converted to RC of course!). It helsp if you reinforce the wings somewhat! [View]

Multistage issue (2010-03-29)
Loki I405 staging to an Aerotech H210. First stage motor failure caused the motor to burn out both ends, separating the stages while under thrust. Upper stage fell down to the ground, at which point ... [View]

NAR Rocketry (2006-07-17)
This was a friends K-185 Long burn launch..few years ago. Rocket was recovered..after a long search! [View]

NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Video (2008-08-08)
NARAM 50 HP Rocket w/On Board Video. Rocket and video courtesy of Mitch Guess [View]

nerrf rocket launch (2008-03-10)
high power model rocket launch [View]

night launches (2007-05-30)
Compilation of a few night launches at Jean Lake (dry) near Las Vegas, NV [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G71 Redline (2008-06-22) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G71 Redline motor [View]

Nike Smoke Onboard Model Rocket Video - G76 Mojave Green (2008-06-21) Nike Smoke: onboard video with a G76 Mojave Green motor [View]

NSL 2008 Saturday Night (2008-05-27)
Video from the night launch, Saturday 24/May/2008, at the National Sport Launch 2008 put on by the National Association of Rocketry in Orangeburg, SC. [View]

NSWRA September Highlights (2008-09-28)
NSW Rocketry Association September 27 2008 flight day. Includes a good CATO. [View]

NYPOWER X monocopter (2007-07-21)
Ed Miller unleashes his wild three stage monocopter for the first time at NYPOWER X [View]

OFFICIAL VIDEO: LDRS 29 Squat Launch (2010-06-16)
LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) 29 Squat Launch Sponsored by Tripoli of San Diego [View]

On=board 24mm Deuce's Wild! (2006-12-03)
On-board video from a payload section attached to an upscale 24mm Deuce's Wild! The motors are Estes E9-6's. It was flown at the December 2006 monthly launch of the SouthEast Alabama Rocketry ... [View]

Onboard a Level 1 Flight (2010-06-28)
My CAR Lvl.1 cert flight. This is a Dual Deployment modified BSD 38 Special on an Aerotech H123W. Flawless flight! Success! [View]

onboard camera on model rocket (2011-04-29)
My first upload, more aireal footage coming soon, including my plane. I take these videos with my mini FPV cam. [View]

Onboard Model Rocket Video (2006-10-04)
Video camera in the nosecone of a Canadian Arrow Estes Model Rocket shoots a short video of a rocket flight [View]

Onboard Rocket Video - Two stage (2007-02-04)
This video shows a high power rocket flight aboard a two stage rocket. The video is transmitted realtime from the rocket to the ground using a 2.4Ghz signal. The second stage separation is visible ... [View]

Onboard Video from Current Water Rocket Altitude Record (2020 Feet) (2007-10-02)
World record flight of 2020 feet (615.69 meters), for rocket powered by water and compressed air. Onboard video taken by US Water Rockets' X-12 water rocket June 14, 2007. Second flight of two ... [View]

Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO)Taurus Launch 02/24/2009 (2009-02-24)
Spacecraft: Orbiting Carbon Observatory Launch Vehicle: Orbital Sciences Taurus Rocket Launch Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif. Launch Pad: Space Launch Complex 576-E Launch Date: Feb. 24, ... [View]

Ozone O-motor High Power Rocket Flight and Green Flame P-motor Static Firing (2010-09-23)
Third flight of the Ozone on a home made O-motor (about 40000 N-sec) and a static firing of an experimental green flame propellant I was working on. This took place at the Tripoli South Florida ... [View]

Paper Rocket Challenge with Estes Rocket Engines! (2008-06-17)
Build a launch ready rocket using only household items - paper, drinking straws, tape, glue, etc - and estes model rocket engines. Video tape what you have built and make a video response to this ... [View]

Parachute Ejection Test (2011-06-27)
Here is the test of my NE555 timer set in my Bobcat III rocket, worked perfectly, ready to fly !!!!!! [View]

Patriot Rocket (2010-06-13)
Some really cool rocket at this event called LDRS, which was held in Lucerne Valley, CA. I didn't get it on tape, but shortly after the parachute didn't deploy and the rocket made a very hard ... [View]

Patriot WD 03-2011 (2011-03-14)
On board video from my Quasar One E9 X 3 cluster. Really like this little rocket! Forgot to set the date! [View]

Pro98 6G Blue Streak Certification Firing - N2850 (2009-08-29)
Pro98-6G-Blue Streak certification firing at CTI facility. Motor designation N2850. August 27, 2009 [View]

PROJECT 463 (2008-07-28)
Chuck Sackett's unbelievable 42' tall, 1200lb rocket 'PROJECT 463' flown at LDRS-XIV / FireBALLS-005 Black Rock Desert, Nevada. [View]

Prom Date Rocket (2008-08-31)
Burning love at LDRS (Large Dangerous Rocket Ships) in Argonia, Kansas in August 2008. [View]

Proton M Rocket (2010-01-28)
Russia conducted its first space mission of 2010, launching a military communications satellite Thursday. A Proton M rocket with Briz-M upper stage lifted off from Site 81 in Baikonur Cosmodrome, on ... [View]

Public Missiles Intruder NAR Level 1 Certification (2008-03-20)
Launch of a High Power Public Missiles Intruder on a Level 1 NAR Certification Flight. [View]

r candy rocket (first attempt) (2009-05-10)
a failed attempt of a rocket haha. it was pretty funny tho. the ratios are.. KNO3 - 64%, Sucrose - 28%, Dextrose (monohydrate) 6%, Fructose - 2%. thanx for watching. [View]

R/C Space Shuttle Orbiter Model Piggyback, October 1998 (2008-12-04)
Model by George Gassaway, of a 1/60 scale piggyback boosted Radio Controlled Orbiter. Video shot by Greg Warren. Model boosted on an Aerotech G12 reload, burning for 8 seconds. Orbiter uses rudder ... [View]

Random Rocket Video (2010-12-24)
makes me want to launch more rockets, funn [View]

RC Model Space Shuttle Launch (2010-02-10)
This is a launch and test flight of our rocket powered Space Shuttle flown at the GCRCC or Greater Cincinnati Radio Contol Club in Trenton Ohio. This was a version built and test flown in the summer ... [View]

RC plane with rocket motor fired in flight (2007-07-21)
This is my cheapie sky scooter rc plane with an estes D size rocket motor hooked up to a second speed controller on a spare channel so i can fire it in flight [View]

Richard Garriott - Man on a Mission: SXSW 2010 Accepted Film (2010-02-15)
MAN ON A MISSION follows gaming millionaire Richard Garriott as he pioneers private space travel in his quest to become the first second-generation astronaut. The film shows how he made his fortune ... [View]

Rocket Catch (2009-10-28)
The Georgia Bloggers et al meet at Shovel Stock 2009. Saturday afternoon was filled with model rocket launches, drinking and conversation. Just Damn! [View]

Rocket Challenge - Wild and Weird Rockets (2/5) (2008-03-27)
The first episode of Rocket Challenge, originally aired in 2003. It was filmed at LDRS 22 in Argonia, KS. Part two of five. [View]

Rocket Drag Race (2008-10-01)
Not to be outdone by Team Numbs Beer Keg launch (see earlier video), I improvised with what I had in the desert, and sent my son's milk bottle up in a Nike Smoke and got it 100 ft. higher (6258 ft. ... [View]

Rocket festival II (2009-10-04)
Another selection of movie clips from first High Power and Medium Power Rocket Festival held in Belgrade on September 2009... [View]

rocket flight (2006-08-23)
first flight close up [View]

Rocket Igniter Test (2008-03-06)
First run of the Masten Space Systems rocket engine igniter version 2.1. It runs on gasesous oxygen (GOX) and isopropyl alcohol (IPA). [View]

Rocket Launch (2006-10-21)
my dad filmed this video of my X-calibur rocket launched on a H123 Motor [View]

Rocket Launch - Ferret (2006-08-23)
Second launch of my scratch-built model rocket, Ferret. LaunchStats- Length: 9 ft Diameter: 4.5 inches Weight: 4.4 lbs Propellant: Cluster of four Aerotech G80-10T motors Max altitude: 2200 ft Max ... [View]

Rocket Launch - Tripoli/MSOE (2007-04-10)
Rocket Launch at Bong Recreation Area, Kenosha, WI, through Tripoli Wisconsin. [View]

Rocket launch and assembly - Big Bertha (2010-03-19)
I show you the launch and assembly of the Estes Big Bertha rocket. This is a good introduction to the hobby of model rocketry. It is a very big rocket (Biggest skill level 1 that estes makes. It is ... [View]

Rocket launch disaster (2008-03-03)
This is our rocket, It had a little accident. [View]

Rocket Launch Inside House-Juvenile Delinquents Episode 01 (2011-02-18)
***UPDATE*** For those of you worried about real damage... this was shot in our living room the day we demolished it for a remodel. So this craziness was... all part of the plan. ***UPDATE*** We're ... [View]

Rocket Launch of the LOC Nuke Pro Maxx (2011-03-31)
This model rocket is the Loc Nuke Pro Maxx kit. It is being flown on a Cesaroni G55 rocket engine.  [View]

rocket on a K550. (2007-03-08)
Robs Rocket on a K550W. [View]

Rocket Project 2007: El Cohete del Diablo (2007-06-03)
Rocket Project in El Mirage dry lake. Our group flew an Estes Comache3 rocket it is a 3-staged rocket. [View]

Rocket Racing League flight demonstration in Tulsa (2010-04-25)
A Rocket Racing League X-Racer takes to the skies above Tulsa International Airport on April 24, 2010, during the QuikTrip Air and Rocket Racing Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. [View]

Rocket Scientists in Texas (2008-12-15)
Sunday, December 7, 2008. The Heart of Texas Rocket Club (Waco, TX) holds the second day of an event near Asa, Texas. Two launches are shown. [View]

Rocket Tripoli Level 3 Onboard Video (2006-07-16)
Rocket Tripoli Level III Launch With On-board Video [View]

Rocket-glider launch 2.0 (2007-10-11)
it's the launch of our rocket+glider combo. i like gliders/rubber-band prop planes (styrofoam and balsa) and i like model rockets. i was always kinda mad that the gliders only worked for very short ... [View]

Rocketry - Estes Historic Document - 1961 (2008-01-26)
This historic video is based on an 8mm 1961 movie by John Schutz and has added still photos and commentary to provide additional information. Clips in the video show Vern operating Mabel while still ... [View]

Rockets (2006-06-22)
Launching 4 inch model rockets. Replayed at 1/10th normal speed. [View]

Rockets launched over the desert (2010-03-30)
A story I did for KOLD News 13 in Tucson, Arizona. The Southern Arizona Rocketry Association hosts Desert Heat 2010. [View]

Russian Mini Research Module Docking to the ISS (2009-11-12)
The new Russian Mini-Research Module 2 (MRM2), also known as Poisk, docked to the space-facing port of the Zvezda service module of the International Space Station Thursday at 10:41 am EST. It began ... [View]

RVC3 - Aerotech Mirage with Camera (2007-05-20)
This was the second flight of my Aerotech Mirage with a small 5in1 camera: [View]

Safety Rocket Go Boom (2011-09-20)
Safety Rocket on a P5,466 and 3 x L motors at LDRS30. [View]

Saturn launch (2009-07-15)
Revised from the original 14.5 minutes, this video shows both the launch of the impressive Saturn 1B four motor rocket, followed by the E powered 'Executioner' with a video camera and live down ... [View]

Saturn V Model Rocket at Toledo R/C Show HUGE Monster Estes Steve Eves (2009-04-04)
This is a Monster "Model" rocket that will fly on April 25, 2009. It was on display at the Toledo R/C Show at the SeaGate Centre in Toledo, Ohio in early April 2009. More info at www.Rocket ... [View]

Scratch Built High Powered Rocket (2007-05-09)
I built this rocket from scratch, not a kit. Wanted to launch at Southern Thunder 2006 in Manchester TN. but did not make it. Launched at MC2 August 2006 shoot. Altitude was 1987 feet measured by ... [View]

Screamin' Mimi Onboard Video KARSNH July 2008 Rocket Launch (2008-07-28)
Estes Screamin' Mimi on a D12-5 with a BoosterVision GearCam Mini strapped to the top with electrical tape. Great flight, and you can hear it whistle briefly when the engines cut out. [View]

SEDS UCF FSGC Hybrid rocket NEFAR launch of Astroknight 2 II (2008-04-17)
SEDS UCF FSGC Hybrid NEFAR launch of Astroknight 2 II [View]

SM-2 Launch 3 July 2006 (2006-10-13)
Maiden flight of my 100% scale Standard Missile-2 (SM-2) High Power Rocket on a research O-7148 motor. [View]

snow ranch 03142009 0002 (2009-03-15)
LUNAR launch at Snow Ranch, March 14, 2009. Gene's L3 launch in 420 fps. Three drag races in 210 fps. [View]

SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS LAUNCH - STS-132 MAY 14th, 2010 @ 220pm EST (2010-05-14)
Here we are again everybody... everything was clear... no glitches during countdown except for a ball bearing item that was finally an non-issue and weather was windy but great for a LAUNCH!! 220pm ... [View]

Space Shuttle Estes Model rocket onboard video (2010-03-08)
The flight sequence of the Estes space shuttle, as seen from the model! Perfect flight. Powered with a D12-3 engine. [View]

Space Shuttle Model Rocket Launch Almost Gone Bad. (2009-03-22)
This video is the launch of an Estes Space Shuttle Model Rocket. I was using C6-3 rocket engines, recommended by the manufacture. Reason I think the rocket veered off course during launch was ... [View]

SpaceX Falcon 9 Flight 2 COTS-1 Rocket Launch of Dragon Capsule (NASA TV) (2010-12-08)
The first demonstration flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program successfully lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air ... [View]

SpaceX Rocket launch and failure (2007-03-21)
the march 20th launch from Omelek Island-the first stage hit the exhaust cone causing the rocket to oscillate near the end of the video until it flew out of control. It is likely that the rocket ... [View]

Spinning Rocket (2007-09-29)
Onboard video from an EZI-65 on an I366 motor. Rocket spins rapidly until the motor burns out. [View]

Spring blast 2009 (2009-04-27)
Video from Spring Blast 2009 rocket launch at Rainbow Valley Arizona. Video includes 3 Hybrid rockets, 2 of which had onboard video cameras. Video also contains some good rocket crashes including a ... [View]

Star Wars Rocket and Semroc Hustler (2008-09-24)
This is a launch of the Estes Star Wars Star Destroyer model rocket followed by the Semroc Hustler. [View]

StarFire (2007-07-14)
Vern Knowles' StarFire on an Animal Motor Works M2200 Skidmark at LDRS 26 [View]

Steve Eve's Saturn V Launch - World Record (2009-04-27)
Steve's world record 1/10th scale Saturn V rocket launch on 4/25/09 at the MDRA launch site. [View]

Steve Eves 1/10 Scale Saturn V Launch 4/25/09 (2009-04-27)
Steve's Brilliant reproduction of the Saturn V in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission. This video was taken with a static camera and shows the 1600 lb. rocket as it roars ... [View]

Steve Eves Saturn V model rocket (2009-04-25)
Steve Eves world record model rocket launch. The most successful launch that could be. it went over 4400 feet. it came and landed on its tail looking towards the sky. 4/25/09 [View]

STS-127 Endeavour Launch (2009-07-16)
Under a cloud-washed sky, space shuttle Endeavour rises majestically from Launch Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the STS-127 mission to the International Space Station. Liftoff ... [View]

STS-129 Atlantis Launch: VAB Roof (2009-11-16)
The launch seen from the VAB Roof. [View]

Suburban Rocketry - Big Balls (2007-03-18)
Scratch built 24mm D engine rocket. Maiden launch. [View]

Supersonic Model Rockets (2007-09-17)
Various launches of modified Estes kits by Laurie Calvert. These flew on Aerotech Ammonium Perchloride motors such as an E25-7 for the converted 18mm Zinger kits. Needed plastic wings (balsa ripped ... [View]

Talon 4 on a J295 (2007-05-16)
Edmonton Rocketry Club Member Lloyd Meyers launches his Talon 4. Beauty [View]

Terry Johnson's Level 3 Flight (2009-07-20)
Terry Johnson's level 3 certification flight. He is flying a 7.5" Fatboy on a Gorilla M1665WC. [View]

The Best Rocket Launch Ever 2006 (2009-05-26)
A small private launch held at the Black Rock Desert Summer 2006. 6 inch OD ARLISS Rockets successfully flown on experimental 114mm N and 98mm M motors. A 3 inch minimum diameter rocket flown twice ... [View]

The first public 29mm Sky Ripper hybrid motor launch (2007-01-18)
The 29mm Sky Ripper Systems 29mm hybrid motor debuted at LDRS 23. The cool little nitrous oxide powered rocket worked out to about a G 63. [View]

The Gadget Show - Critical List: Rockets (2007-12-20)
The team go sky high with some super model rockets, including a camcorder rocket, a high-power model of the Apollo Soyuz, and a rocket in the shape of ... a portaloo? [View]

The Rocket Avenger Club's First Launch (2008-01-14)
Three friends avenge their misgivings by launching a rocket into the sky. [View]

The Rube Goldberg Rocket Launcher (2007-06-05)
This was our final project for Mr. Mac's AP Physics class. Our task was to design and build a Rube Goldberg machine of some kind, and we chose to use ours to launch an Estes rocket. After multiple ... [View]

The Science Channel Documentary (2010-09-16)
October 9th - 9PM Eastern The Science Channel Donate to support this valuable education program here: This is the trailer for the Science Channel ... [View]

There You'll Be: STS-51-L Challenger Tribute (2010-01-28)
Just one day after the 19th anniversary of the Apollo 1 fire, millions watched as Space Shuttle Challenger exploded before our eyes. The cold weather had frozen the solid rocket boosters' rubber ... [View]

Toledo RC Expo (2009-04-03)
Saturn V Rocket Replica inside SeaGate Centre Toledo RC Expo 2009 [View]

Tripoli Cert 2 flight TTRA Tampa, Florida (2010-08-27)
Aug 21, 2010 Tripoli Cert 2 flight, 2nd attempt. Previous cert 2 flight attempt flew excellent with great recovery, post flight inspection, however, revealed the lower fin can/body coupler had ... [View]

Tripoli Level 1 Cert flight Sept 19, 2009 (2009-09-21)
My level 1 Tripoli Rocket certification flight...successful on Saturday Sept 19, 2009 TTRA is the Tampa Bay prefecture (#17) of the the Tripoli Rocketry Association. Our mission is to provide a ... [View]

Two Stage Model Rocket: OVERKILL (2008-07-13)
We launched out two stage rocket @ the NEFAR launch site in Bunnell, Florida. Both stages had a I29-360. The first and second stage lit perfectly, but due to the tremendous force of the I motors, it ... [View]

UCF USLI Competition Launch - Onboard Video (2011-04-22)
University of Central Florida launched the rocket "Knight Rider" to an altitude of 5210 ft when shooting for a targeted mile. This was the closest launch to a mile in a competition of 29 teams ... [View]

Underwater Model Rocket Launch (2010-12-28)
More Info: (Description below) This is an Estes Alpha III model rocket, waterproofed with candle wax and fired from a depth of approximately 9 inches. This was ... [View]

Unreasonable Rocket Launch Attempt for NGLLC Level One (2009-11-01)
This is Unreasonable Rocket's first launch attempt for the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge level one prize. The rocket known as Blue Ball made a valiant effort but ran out of fuel at the end ... [View]

Unstable "P" motor rocket flight (2009-05-12)
Large rocket has stability issues. Powered by solid fuel "P" motor [View]

Using 29 to 38mm motor adapters in High Power model rockets (2009-09-25)
29mm motor mount adapters for 38mm kits are deceptively simple looking. "How do you use them?" is a common question people ask. This video will show you a few simple techniques. [View]

Using Short Motor In Aerotech Rocket Kits (2010-09-25) This video will show you how to put a shorter motor into the Aerotech rocket kits. The kits were designed for longer motors, but with a strip of tape, you can installer shorter ... [View]

V14 Rocket Launch, Tripoli Cert Level 3 (2012-07-15)
Cert 3 Rocket Launch 2nd attempt, Jun 17, 2012 Tampa, Florida. 11,000 feet at 920 mph or 1.2 mach Own design all PVC, no carbon fiber or fiberglass. Aerotech M1315 motor Launched at TTRA Tampa, ... [View]

On Nov 20, 2010, at the Hudson Ranch launch site located 9.5 miles south west of Pueblo Colorado located on Colorado Highway 78 (Beulah Highway), the Southern Colorado Rocketeers (NAR Section #632) ... [View]

Video Rocket Launch footage (oracle rocket) (2010-06-17)
The oracle rocket has an onboard video camera. You can see video right from the rocket as it goes up and comes back down. Pretty neat. I have also included footage with a camera showing the launch ... [View]

Vostok Launch Animation (2006-09-12)
This animation of a Russian Vostok (1961-63) launch and re-entry is modelled and animated in Bryce, with a little input from After Effects and Photoshop. Soundtrack is Pachelbel's Canon, performed ... [View]

Water rocket - HD Onboard Video (2009-08-02)
You will see a selection of water rockets HD onboard videos. HDDV-MF504A is a very small HD camera with only a weight of 94gr. incl. battery and 8 GB card. Of course, it is a big risk if the rocket ... [View]

Water Rocket HD Onboard Video (Winter Launch with Parachute Failure) (2009-08-02)
US Water Rockets Project 3000 Video Log #1 Testing of Full High Definition Water Rocket Onboard Camera Module. Winter Launch of X-12 Water Rocket testing new electronics and camera module for ... [View]

What if Slim Pickens flew on a Space Shuttle? (2008-02-23)
What if Slim Pickens flew on a Space Shuttle? Short onboard Space Shuttle SRB sep video which was silent, begging for some special audio to be added. The video was slowed down to allow for the ... [View]

Willzyx's Trip to the Moon (2006-11-26)
Video of model rocket launch (with killer whale chained to it) inspired by the "South Park" episode "Free Willzyx" in which the boys launch a killer whale to the moon to rescue it from capivity. [View]

Winter Ice Rockets (2007-03-29)
December launches while my buddy is in town. Spin stabilised tube launched two engine cluster rocket and the flying clarinet - "rockinet". [View]

World Record 965 Model Rocket Launch - Austin, TX 5/12/07 (2007-05-12)
Watch the simultaneous launch of 965 (of 1000) model rockets to set the Guinness Book World record. The launch took place on the morning of 5/12/07 at The Travis County Expo Center in Austin Texas. ... [View]

X system Hybrid Rocket Launch system-pad view (2007-01-15)
Hypertek hybrid rocket motors use a fill stem instead of a fill line, the X system allows the stem to drop at ignition instead of forcing the rocket to work it's way off. [View]

X-15 flight one (2006-11-02)
X-15 plastic model conversion rocket on an A10-3T motor. [View]

Yellow Jacket Land Shark (2010-07-12)
Tom's rocket, Pale Rider, on a Yellow Jacket L778. The motor burns, stops, and then resumes several times, falling to the ground before final burnout. [View]

YouBee Premature Ejection (2010-11-25)
An onboard camera records the ejection charges going off on the launch pad. [View]

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