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"Retro Cinema 1" High Power Rocket Launch 04 22 18

Launched at Midwest Blast 3 in Three Oaks, MI. This rocket was built as a tribute to "Cinema 1"- which was built as a two-stage rocket by Kirk Packo and me in 1971, and which carried a one-pound Kodak 8mm movie camera to about 750 feet. Retro Cinema 1 reached 2,385 feet, but the shock cord attached to the rocket body section snapped at 500 feet when it's chute deployed, allowing the rocket body to freefall to the ground. Somehow, it was undamaged! The camcorder section had its own parachute, and landed safely. This rocket has earned retirement. "Keep On Truckin'"

 Rocketry Club: Michiana Rocketry

Author jmomenee
Duration 152 seconds

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