Shrox Industria - Hyperion

Contributed by Greg Elder

Manufacturer: Shrox Industria

The following excerpt is from "Sport Rocketry". The intention is to allow guests to get a basic feeling about a kit. We strongly suggest that you get a copy of the referenced Sport Rocketry and read the entire article. Inside you will find many helpful hints in construction as well as other useful information. For more information, use the two links above.

(Sport Rocketry - May/June 2000 - page 22 - by Greg Elder)

Rocket Pic"The Hyperion is a large model rocket . . . with a futuristic look achieved with the use of large elliptical fins, tube transitions, and ping pong balls."
"Eight pages of illustrated instructions provide an easy to follow step-by-step guide for construction."
"Assembly of the Hyperion is fairly straightforward."
"The mid-section of the Hyperion consists of a BT-50 tube with two ping pong balls."
"Holes must be cut into the ping pong balls . . ."
"Ensuring the holes on the opposite sides of each ping pong ball are aligned is not a simple task."
"Two outer pods are built from BT-55 tubes and two of the nose cones."
"Two pod supports are cut from the balsa and glued to the pods."
". . . elliptical fins are traced onto the balsa stock and cut out."
"An Estes-type elastic shock cord is glued into the open end of the main tube."
"Some clay is included with the kit to place into the remaining nose cone to ensure stability of the rocket."
" . . . uses two 15" plastic parachutes . . ."
"There were quite a few ohh's and ahh's from the spectators . . ."
"It had a picture perfect launch; straight flight and a damage-free recovery via the dual parachutes."

Overall, the article indicated that there were some challenges building this rocket and that for its looks the kit was a good choice.


[Sport Rocketry]


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