Madcow Rocketry - Batray

Contributed by Chris Flanigan

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Published: 2016-08-23
Manufacturer: Madcow Rocketry


The Batray is a Madcow rocket that is 2.2" wide and 26" long.   It has unique bat wing type fins.  The kit weighs about 8oz built and is of good quality.

  • Unique Bat Fins
  • Cut Vinyl Decal
  • Flameproof Chute Protector
  • Laser Cut Plywood Parts
  • Kevlar/Nylon Shock Cord
  • Heavy Duty Body Tube



  • Length: 26"
  • Diameter 2.2"
  • Weight: 8oz
  • Recovery: 18" Nylon Chute
  • Motor Mount: 29mm
  • Fins: 1/8" Plywood


This is a fast build with good quality parts.

The only thing missing is an engine retention method.  They recommend friction fit.   I am not a fan of that so I bought the Estes 29mm retention kit for around 19 dollars. It worked very well.


I spray painted the rocket black and the fins gold.   It was those colors on the website so I followed suit.

Construction Score: 4


Flies very well (even flies on a D12 engine)

Very versatile - flies from a D12 to an F40


I used the nylon parachute that was provided.  I think it was a 14" one.  It also came with a non-flammable wadding sheet so you don't have to use that paper stuff.

Flight Rating: 5


Overall high quality kit with many engines options.

I would give it a 2 in skill level to build it (very easy).

Overall Rating: 4


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