Richard Garriott - Man on a Mission: SXSW 2010 Accepted Film

MAN ON A MISSION follows gaming millionaire Richard Garriott as he pioneers private space travel in his quest to become the first second-generation astronaut. The film shows how he made his fortune and then spends it -$30 million to buy a ticket to the ISS onboard a Russian rocket. His father Owen, rode an Apollo rocket to Skylab 2. Richards path is entirely different. We see him train in Star City Moscow, watch him launch from Kazakhstan and spend 12 glorious days onboard the ISS. His return is more memorable. For the first time ever a camera is rolling in the capsule during the fiery return to earth. Back on the ground, Owen greets him, welcoming us all to the next generation of human space travel. This film will inspire anyone who works tirelessly to make their dream come true.

Author sxsw
Duration 73 seconds
Rating Better

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