Roachwerks Custom Turnings - Saturn 1b

Contributed by Martin Vrstal

(by Martin Vrstal)

[Editor's Note: Martin's Saturn 1B is the all-tube version that Roachworks produced, verses the paper wrap-around version]

Roachwerks 1/130th Saturn 1bBrief:
This review is on the Roachwerks 1/130th Saturn 1b. After building a cloned version of the Estes 1/70 kit a few years ago, I knew I had to have one of these also. This kit was a limited run by Gordon Agnello of Roachwerks Custom Machining. If you were lucky enough to get one of these fine kits, and/or know Gordy, you know the time and effort he puts into them.

All parts were received in a nicely sealed package and were all accounted for. The balsa parts were turned by hand and are just outstanding. Recovery system consisted of Kevlar® thread to a nice lengthy black elastic shock cord, to an 18" mylar chute. The nice waterslide decals I believe came from JimZ. Fin templates, escape tower shroud, and scalloped transition patterns were also provided.


  • The instructions were very easy to follow.
  • Many detailed drawings to help with construction.
  • All templates and decals are included.


  • Only trouble I had was in making the scalloped transition. It took my a few tries to get it just right. But the instructions do say to make a couple and practice.

Finishing was done in the classic Saturn 1b paint pattern. I did add a few extras to my model, like corrugated wraps, retro rockets, and discharge tubes. With all the extras I gave it and the 1b paint, I would have to say it's a skill level 4-5 kit but only because of it's size.

Construction Rating: 5 out of 5

No flights to date.

I believe this to be an all around excellent quality kit. Well planed and thought out.If you have the chance to acquire one, or can talk Gordy into making another run, get one, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5


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