Rocket Launch Inside House-Juvenile Delinquents Episode 01

***UPDATE*** For those of you worried about real damage... this was shot in our living room the day we demolished it for a remodel. So this craziness was... all part of the plan. ***UPDATE*** We're Harrison and Del, the masters of mayhem for Juvenile Delinquents. It's our show about us doing dumb, dangerous things that would get you grounded. So sit back, relax, and watch our tricks, stunts and general destruction, in the safety of you not getting in trouble! We do the stuff that would get you in trouble, so you don't have to. In each episode, you can expect us to break things, burn things, wreck things, make some sort of explosion and whatnot. In short, this is a show for the 10 year old boy in all of us. In this episode, we're launching a model rocket inside our living room. Expect sparks, smoke, scorching, maybe and explosion or fire. We'll see. Now we do this under the supervision of adults, so DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME. We've got good parents, who perhaps are more permissive than they should be. For more of our general insanity, get to know us on the following sites. We're always looking for more crazy stunts. And of course, our own site, Our dad helped us with this video as a way to teach us about video production. He watched the whole time, although he probably wishes he hadn't. Enjoy!

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Duration 04:17
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