S8E/P Rocket Glider Practice Landings #4

Practicing Landings for the FAI S8E-PR/C Rocket Glide event, using a Hi-Start, on August 12, 2010. This is cheaper and easier than doing rocket boosts, as it is a lot more critical to get in lots and lots of practice for doing the landings than for the rocket boosts. The scoring for the event is to try to stay in the air for exactly 6 minutes (360 seconds), which would give a time score of 360. Plus a landing score of up to 100 points. Land with 1 meter of the spot, get 100 points, within 2 meters 90 points, and so on, 10 points less for each meter away, and zero landing points outside of 10 meters. If you want to see onboard rocket boosts, see some of my other videos. The model used a keychain camera onboard, which took the video. For more info on this camera see this thread on The Rocketry Forum: www.rocketryforum.com Also see this thread where Jonathan Dill's Keychain Camera first flew on my glider, during a rocket boost in some strange weather: www.rocketryforum.com

Author georgegassaway
Duration 109 seconds
Rating Good

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