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Richard Holmes's Sea Sting

This was built from a kit I bought back in the brief period in 2013 when Shrox was selling kits. I put it together in fall 2014 and finally in July 2015 got it painted and decaled. I decided a flat finish would be appropriate so hit it with Dullcote; that and a removable Kevlar leader for the shock cord were the only deviations from the instructions. Maybe I should have redshifted the motor mount to 24 mm but I went with the stock 18 mm.

Kit Name:Sea Sting



    Flight Log

    TimeLaunch SiteMotor(s)Altitude 
    2015-07-18Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field)C6-3-
    2016-05-30Geneseo Airport (MARS site)D10-5-
    2017-07-22Syracuse Rocket Club (Weigand's Field)D21-4-

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