Shuttle Program ends, Russian Program Expands - SpacePods 2010.07.07

While the Space Shuttle Program may be winding down, the Russian Soyuz program is in high demand. This is your SpacePod for July 7th, 2010.-------With the Space Shuttle Program winding down the Russian Soyuz rocket is about to be in high demand. Not only has the United States purchased tickets aboard the Russian built capsule to help ferry astronauts to the International Space Station after Shuttle retires, but now Canadian and European officials are looking to purchase dedicated Soyuz capsules for their own astronauts.This is really great news. Now that shuttle is retiring, there is a need to fill that gap with human rated rockets and spaceships. The doors of opportunity will be opening up for companies such as SpaceX and Orbital to come in and provide not just cargo services but crew as well. Sure, it does kinda suck that we're losing the Space Shuttle Program, but in its place we're forming a space industry. Just imagine what this whole new industry will look like 5 to 10 years from now. Very exciting stuff.And speaking of the Soyuz rockets, Arianespace is working on finishing up their all new launch pad designed specifically for the Russian designed Soyuz craft. This new launch complex is being built in the Guiana Space Center which is a French run spaceport located in Kourou, French Guiana. This has been the launch site of over 200 Arianespace rockets since 1979 and soon it will be the launch site of Soyuz rockets as well. This is the first time a Soyuz rocket will ...

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