Slo Mo Rocket launch
The same one as tested before in my previous rocket video. This was launched with a C6-5 motor to an altitude of ~300m (~1000ft). The parachute didn't deploy as it got stuck inside the tube due to the shock cord being attached too close to the nose cone. This caused the chute to be snagged by the attachment so it got stuck. Turns out it can be recovered just with nose blow recovery; there wasn't even a scratch on the rocket despite the parachute not deploying. Also, we found the motor casing half way up the body tube after landing. This was most likely due to the landing being rough causing the motor casing to slip out the mount, because if the motor was still burning while halfway up the body tube, it would have popped out the top, and possibly set my rocket on fire. As well as that, I have already tested the motor mount in my previous video and it worked perfectly. I will launch this rocket again on Thursday atop a E-class equivalent sugar motor booster, which, according to the simulator, will reach 800m (2600ft). Next time I will bring a few more people with me with their phones to measure the angle of elevation in order to work out a real value for the altitude reached, rather than the simulator's guesses. EDIT: The sugar motor failed to light the second motor, causing the entire rocket to plummet to the ground, and was completely destroyed. Oh well.
Author Pupudski
Duration 20 seconds

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