Small Endeavor 121309.avi

Launch of Mike Borman's PML Small Endeavor with CPR recovery and onboard Booster Vision Gearcam video camera. The first part of the video shows the launch from a nearby tripod mounted Sony Mobile HD Snap Camera followed by the video captured by the camera onboard the rocket itself. The rocket motor used was an Aerotech H180W. The onboard altimeter deployed the drogue parachute early at only 660 feet due to the altimeter bay not being sealed well (o-ring slipped out of place). The main chute then deployed at around 600 feet. There was no damage to the rocket. The rocket was flown at Launch Crue's December 2009 Meeting/Sport Launch near Holland, Indiana. For still pictures of the launch, see Launch Crue's website at .

 Rocketry Product: Aerotech - H180W Reload for RMS 29/240 {Motor}

 Rocketry Club: Launch Crue

Author mfborman
Duration 95 seconds
Rating Best

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