SpaceX / Iridium 4 Launch Timelapse
SpaceX / Iridium 4 Launch [22 Dec. 2017] -- This was a nice launch occurring just after sunset, with the contrail catching the light of the sun as the rocket ascended. This video is a time-lapse sequence assembled from frames taken 3 seconds apart. More photos: For this launch, SpaceX did not attempt to retrieve the 1st stage booster, which was a previously used older model of the Falcon 9. In the video you can see the separation of the 1st and second stage, with the 1st stage falling toward the ocean as the second stage carries on to orbit. The 1st stage momentarily disappears, then reappears briefly near the horizon perhaps as the rocket is heated to the point of glowing on reentry.
Author Dave Kodama
Duration 22 seconds

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