Flight Log - 2020-09-11 - Steve Lindeman's Jetliner

What a great addition to the Estes mini engine seriers rockets. This little gem resembles a Boing 737 Jetliner and is bound to be a blast to watch on launch day. I have modified mine by replacing the 13mm mount with an 18mm mount.

Flight Date: 2020-09-11
Rocket Name: Jetliner
Kit Name: Estes - Jetliner {Kit} (003230)
Flyer's Name: Steve Lindeman
Motors: A8-3
Wind Speed: 6.00 mph
Launch Site: Out back of house - Laingsberg, MI

Flew this to celebrate 9/11. Not much altitude. Maybe 80 feet then leveled off and few like an actual jet until about 10 feet from ground when ejection charge fired. Crashed just like 9/11 and broke the right rear tail fin off. Will repair and fly again.

1Estes A8-3


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