Tenochtitlan H115
Very cool video of the first High Powered launch of the Tenochtitlan. This rocket weighs less than a pound so the H115 is a lot of motor for it! Unfortunately, video quality is reduced due to plastic lens protection on the rocket. However, this is still a great video! Lens will be replaced & corrected prior to next launch. Stats: Length: 35 7/8" Diameter: 2 5/8" Mass with motor: 21.8oz Stability: 1.4 Calipers Motor: Aerotech H115DM-14A Estimated Gs: 19.6 iPhone maxes at 7.2. Phone: iPhone 6 (has barometer) Video: 1080p vertical. Resolution greatly reduced by plastic protection cover. Will fix prior to next launch. Special Thanks: Ground zero launch video: Eric Zsolczai Photos: Freddy Willems Thea Mathen Recovery team: Atom and Scott
Author Jason Cook
Duration 153 seconds

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